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   Chapter 125 What a Coincidence

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Hearing the sound of beep on the other end of the phone, Lily angrily threw the phone on the chair, and her delicate face suddenly became a little ferocious.

"This is too much! Why are you all hiding from me like hiding from the plague? " She said indignantly, her face changing.

Her intuition told her that something must have happened in the Xue Family, so Arvin and Amanda wanted to avoid her in such a strange way. No way! She couldn't give up so easily. She must find out the truth!

"Miss Lily, this is today's arrangement. There is a fashion show in the morning, a lunch with the host, and a product endorsement event in the afternoon..."

The assistant exhorted as she read the document in her hand.

"Shut up! Stop all activities today. I have something very important to do. " Lily interrupted the assistant with an unhappy face.

Arvin was out of touch for the time being, which gave her a bad feeling. She didn't know what was wrong.

"No, this product endorsement is very important. Many people want to do it. If we miss this opportunity, we may not have such a good opportunity next time." The assistant said in a panic and earnest tone.

"Besides, we have to pay a large sum of liquidated damages for breaking the agreement, and it will also affect your reputation in the future." The assistant said worriedly, hoping that she could change her mind.

"Didn't you hear what I said? I said I would cancel all the activities! I have something very important to do! " Lily turned around and stared at the assistant fiercely.

"Okay, I see." Her voice was too loud, and her eyes were sharp and fierce. The assistant was frightened and quickly stopped talking.

"I'll arrange it right away." The assistant said cautiously, as if she was frightened by the fierce attitude of Lily.

Looking at her careful expression, Lily's face softened a little, and her tone also lowered, "If there is no endorsement, you


"Ah!" Amanda smiled awkwardly, "It's you. The membership card here needs to be upgraded. They asked me to come here, but I won't stay long. I will leave after I finish it. "

She smiled awkwardly and felt depressed. She was afraid of seeing her. She thought she would never meet her, but she met her in this way!

"I see." Lily looked at her with a shrewd smile and asked her to sit down again.

From the fact that Amanda wanted to escape when she saw her just now, Lily could tell that they were deliberately hiding from her.

"What about you? Didn't you say you were busy with your work? Why do you have time to do skin care? " Amanda quickly regained her composure and looked at Lily suspiciously.

"Work is work. Even if I'm busy, I still need to rest. Especially for us, skin care must be a must." Lily said with a smile, shifting the topic to Amanda.

"Auntie, since you're here, why don't we do it together? I've been busy with my work recently and haven't talked to you for a long time. It's better to do it together. The beautician are all here."

Lily suggested eagerly. Before Amanda refused, she pulled her inside.

Amanda wanted to refuse, but she couldn't refuse because of the enthusiasm of Lily. She had to go in with her awkwardly, feeling depressed.

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