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   Chapter 123 Take Good Care Of Her

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Although Belinda's pregnancy was a big event and her grandmother would be very happy, he didn't expect her to make such a big move.

"Grandma, just say it." Seeing that Arvin was silent, [Belinda said in a low voice.

"Especially you. I'm here to talk to you, not Belinda." Madame Xue pointed at Arvin and scolded him.

"Yes. I know. Grandma has forgotten me completely since you will have a new great grandson. " Arvin replied helplessly. After all, he had such an elder who was good at making decisions in this family.

"Don't be garrulous!" Madame Xue glared at him and gave him a warning with her walking stick.

"Belinda is pregnant now. She will be more and more inconvenient in the future. You have to take good care of her in the future, and you can't be angry with her. Otherwise, let me know I won't spare you! "

Madame Xue scolded Arvin harshly and deliberately pulled a long face.

"I see." Arvin nodded and replied casually, "With Grandma's support, I won't dare to make her angry. I will take good care of her." Arvin said gently, stressing the words "take good care of" on purpose to express his sincerity.

Hearing his words, Belinda couldn't help shivering and got goose bumps all over her body. Thinking of that he had decided to move to the same room with her yesterday, she suddenly felt that he had no good intention.

"That's good. That's right. If I hear that you treat her badly in the future, I will be the first one to come to you!" Seeing Arvin's full promise, Madame Xue smiled widely and nodded solemnly to show her satisfaction.

"Don't worry!" Arvin said seriously. As for Belinda's suspicious eyes, he ignored them directly

After exhorting for a while, Madame Xue got in the car with Belinda and Arvin's escort.

Seeing the car disappear in front of her, Belinda immediately let go of his hand and said, "I didn't expect that Mr. Xue is really good at acting. No wonder you can manage su

sses in the company that can't be finished every day. As long as someone handled it. Besides, I came here just to follow grandma's order. Didn't you hear what grandma just said? " So he calmly glanced at Belinda and said calmly.

He not only heard what grandma said clearly, but also took it seriously.

Seeing that he was serious, Belinda raised her clear eyes and asked, "Do you really remember what grandma just said word by word? "

"Belinda, is it true that you have become a pregnant idiot and your memory can only last for a few minutes? You even forget what grandma has told you just now?" Arvin didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. He looked at her with a sly look in his deep eyes.

"If you have anything to say, just say it. Don't play tricks here. I don't remember what grandma just told me." Belinda said impatiently, noticing Arvin was trying to buy time.

"Now that you have forgotten, I will remind you again. Grandma just asked me to take good care of you."

Arvin stressed the words "take good care of" on purpose, as if to remind Belinda that he had the obligation to take care of her, and all of this was only in accordance with Grandma's orders.

As soon as he finished his words, Arvin walked up to her and approached her. Belinda had a very bad feeling.

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