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   Chapter 121 Guard My Bed

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Looking at the abalone soup in front of her and Arvin's domineering eyes, Belinda felt angry and her face darkened, but her hands did not move.

"Belinda, if you refuse to cooperate, you don't have to leave for the rest of your life. Even if you fly to the ends of the earth, I will catch you back! " Arvin said seriously. His voice was so low that Belinda still could hear it.

He picked up the food beside him and chewed it slowly.

Belinda glared at him angrily. He acted as if nothing had happened, which made her very angry. She knew that his words were absolutely not groundless. She clenched her fists, quickly took the soup on the table and gulped it down.


She glared at Arvin, who looked indifferent, and angrily put the bowl on the table, her eyes full of resentment.

"Very good. Only in this way can you show your sincerity." Looking at the half finished soup, Arvin said calmly with a faint smile on his face.

Belinda was so angry that she stopped looking at him. Sophie came with dinner in her hands. She was confused when she saw Belinda and Arvin], who were smiling calmly. She shook her head and brought the dinner downstairs.


Kerr stood at the door and strode towards the two people.

Arvin nodded slightly, "The bed is here?" He raised his eyes and looked at the time on his hand. It was a few minutes earlier than he expected.

"Yes. The porters are also outside. They can come in at any time." Kerr answered lightly and lowered his head.

"Let them in! Put it in Belinda's room. " Arvin said indifferently.

Sitting aside and listening to the conversation between the two people with a cold face, Belinda felt a little uncomfortable as if she was invisible.

Obviously, he wanted to use her room, but he didn't ask for her opinion and turned a blind eye to her.

"Be careful."

Kerr, who was in front of them, patiently told the workers to move a bed which wa

g the distance between the two people getting closer and closer, Belinda felt awkwardly stressed.

"Ah!" Belinda screamed and pushed him away. "This bed is mine, and the one over there is yours. So you can't cross the boundary!"

Belinda jumped up in a hurry, pointed at the gap between the two beds and shouted at Arvin.

No matter what, she couldn't be a coward. She had to defend her own territory!

"So what?" Arvin glanced at the gap between the two beds indifferently, and his deep eyes gradually darkened, "Maybe you will come over after you fall asleep, or I will sleep on your side. What can I promise?"

He smiled faintly and looked at Belinda's serious face, not knowing whether to cry or to laugh.

So serious! No wonder she was born in a martial arts club. She was not only unreasonable, but also stubborn.

"No way!" Hearing Arvin say that he would cross the boundary, Belinda denied nervously.

"Or what? Can you guarantee one hundred percent? "

Arvin smiled and raised his eyebrows suspiciously.

"Just wait!" Belinda rolled her eyes quickly, got out of bed with bare feet, turned around and walked out of the room.

Seeing that she walked out barefoot, Arvin frowned involuntarily. Without waiting for him to speak, Belinda quickly walked out.

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