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   Chapter 120 Father's Concession

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Arvin stopped his steps all of a sudden. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly when he heard Belinda's angry words. Then he strode away.

Looking at his figure disappear at the door, Belinda was finally relieved. Then she pouted her mouth towards the door. She didn't believe that she could do nothing against him under current circumstances.

A triumphant smile appeared on Belinda's face. She stood up and was about to close the door in case someone came uninvited. Just as her hands touched the doorknob, a pair of big hands suddenly held her hands.

Arvin slowly pushed the door open, glanced at her with his deep eyes, and then strode in with his head held high.

"You..." Belinda looked at his hand in surprise.

He held a quilt in his hand. The navy blue color made Belinda's eyes twinkle. With a pillow on his arm, he walked in without hesitation.

"What are you doing?" She had a very bad feeling.

"What do you think?" Staring at her surprised mouth, Arvin asked in a low voice, raising his eyebrows involuntarily.

"It's exactly what you think!" Arvin said calmly. Then he walked past her and put the quilt and pillow on the bed.

"No way!" Belinda shouted without hesitation when she saw him put the quilt on her bed calmly.

"You can't live here. Our agreement doesn't involve this. I won't allow it. " She said in a firm tone.

If she let him live in the same room with her, it would be like drawing a wolf into a house. Then she would lead a miserable life in the future! It was better to run away from home directly!

"Belinda, you made a mistake. I'm not here to discuss with you. I'm here to inform you directly." Arvin was amused by Belinda's exasperated reaction.

"You understand?"

He raised his eyebrows and said provocatively.

"I don't understand! Arvin, what right do you have to make such a de


Belinda bit the corner of her mouth hard. She had never expected that he would suddenly use such a trick. She was angry but could not vent it.

At dinner time, Belinda sat there with a cold face and absent-minded mind. Arvin glanced at her indifferently and then moved a chair to sit next to her.

Belinda moved aside with a cold face.

Arvin was indifferent, with a strange emotion in his eyes, and simply followed her.

"Mrs. Xue, this is the abalones that Mr. Xue told me to prepare for you." Sophie smiled and brought the dinner to the table.

Belinda replied indifferently without any expression on her face.

"Young master still cares about you. He asked me to cook more nutritious dishes for you." Sophie said with a smile and then turned to the kitchen.

Belinda couldn't help but curl her lips. "Who knows who he really cares about? Maybe what he really cares about is the baby in my belly! "

She muttered in a low voice and passed the abalone soup in front of her. Instead, she went to a vegetable dish beside it.

Seeing the disdain on her face, Arvin rolled his eyes and pushed the abalone soup over. "Yes, this is for your baby. Drink it!"

He stared at her with determination in his dark eyes.

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