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   Chapter 119 The Father Of The Child

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"Aunt Amanda, don't worry. Maybe Arvin said that to you just because he was in a hurry. He didn't mean to do that, but he was deceived like Madame Xue. "

She said sincerely, and gradually calmed down.

Amanda raised her head, with some last hope in her eyes, "Are you telling the truth? Was he really just saying it carelessly? But judging from his expression, I don't think he just said it out of anger. "

Amanda said with uncertainty, and the hope in her eyes gradually dimmed with her uncertainty.

She knew Arvin well.

"No, Arvin must be angry. He is a filial man. He won't blame you. Trust me. He was just blinded by someone and couldn't keep its composure for a while. "

Ellie said affirmatively. Seeing that Amanda was a little hesitant, she quickly struck while the iron was hot.

"You are right! It was Belinda. She must have said something to Arvin. Otherwise, how could he do this to me? " Amanda was suddenly enlightened and pointed the spear at Belinda.

"She just said that she was going to leave the Xue family, and a child appeared in a the blink of an eye. Who knows if it's true or not? Maybe even the child is made up!"

Amanda said angrily. Anyway, she had always been suspicious of the sudden appearance of a child.

"Auntie, since it was Arvin who said that, it should be true. But... " Ellie's eyes twinkled. She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. A trace of embarrassment flashed across her face.

Seeing this, Amanda became suspicious. A trace of panic flashed across her face, but her face was even gloomier. "But what? There are only the two of us here. Nothing can't be revealed!"

She said angrily. She was already upset when she was irritated by Arvin.

"Aunt, don't you think it's not the right time for this child to come? What if Belinda made it up out of nothing and Arvin wasn't the real father of the child? "

Ellie put her hands near Amanda's

ven if you want to leave, it can be talked about until after you give birth to the baby! We are not only a nominal couple now, but I'm also the father of your child. Therefore, even if you don't want to see me, you will always see me! "

Belinda's heartless words completely made Arvin angry. He stood in front of her bed and retorted coldly.

"You!" Belinda said angrily. Looking at Arvin's expressionless face, she suddenly had no intention to speak. She simply closed her mouth and ignored him.

Seeing that she didn't say anything, Arvin took the opportunity to walk out of the room.

Belinda angrily picked up the pillow at hand and threw it at his back. "Bastard!"

The pillow flew in the air and hit exactly on Arvin's back. Arvin turned his head with a cold face and said, "Belinda, if you go on like this, even if you give birth to a child, I may not be willing to leave you peacefully."

His tone was full of warning and orders. His words hit right on Belinda's weakness, and she glared at his receding figure with resentment.

"I hope you are not born to be like your father. He is hopeless!" Full of anger, Belinda touched her belly gently and said softly. Her voice was neither loud nor low, but it was heard clearly by Arvin who just walked out of the room!

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