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   Chapter 118 It's All For Him

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Amanda's face darkened and her tone was somewhat aggressive. What Arvin had done made her a little disappointed. It was said that children were impossible to control when they grew up, but she didn't expect that he would grow up so soon.

"Mom, don't you know why I don't tell you?" Arvin frowned, "Just now, you told me that Belinda pretended to be sick to stay in the Xue family. Now you suspect that she is not pregnant. Do you think I have no judgment at all?"

Arvin said coldly, with reluctance and boredom in his eyes. As a CEO of a company, he always had his mother and grandmother interfere in his love affairs. His heart was full of helplessness and resentment.

"When can you abandon your prejudice against her and stop looking at her with your biased glasses?" Arvin felt helpless.

His tone was full of reproach and his eyes were sharp with anger. Amanda was stunned, "You Are you saying that you don't want me to interfere in your marriage with Belinda? " She felt a chill in her heart and looked at his cold face with a dull expression.

"I did everything for your own good, whether it's your marriage or your position in the company. Otherwise, why do you think I flew back from England all the way? Am I doing this for myself? "

Amanda's eyes were a little wet. She pointed at him and tried to defend herself. A chill came from the bottom of her heart and gradually spread all over her body.

"I'm old enough. Everything in the Xue family means nothing to me now. I'm worried about you. If I don't protect everything in the Xue family for you, Mark will take everything away with him! That son of bitch! "

Amanda screamed hysterically, with blue veins on her forehead. She stared at Arvin's calm face.

"Mom! Are you tired or not? How long do you want to torture yourself? " Arvin interrupted her coldly, shaking her shoulders and questioning her.

"He is the bastard of that bitch. He is

She turned to Ellie and walked towards her.

"Ellie, Arvin just told me that I don't need to interfere in his business from now on. His tone was firm and there was no room for negotiation. I never thought that he would say such heartless words to me because of a woman and a man who had schemed to hurt him... "

Amanda's face turned deathly pale, and her tone was filled with deep despair. She said heartbroken. If she didn't find someone to speak out her pain in her heart, it would be piled up in her heart and drive her crazy.

Ellie was stunned and asked, "Aunt, do you think my cousin is going to break up with you?"

Her expression was a little strange. How much courage did it take for cousin to break up with her aunt?

"How could Arvin say that?" She couldn't believe her ears.

"That's what she told me just now. She wanted to break up with me because of Belinda, who said inexplicably that she was pregnant with his child."

Amanda looked sad and dejected, and her heart was filled with coldness. She didn't know since when her intimate relationship with her son began to break and this process was irreversible.

The sadness on Ellie's face disappeared, and she was lost in thought. Different from Amanda's sadness, an idea suddenly came to her mind.

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