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   Chapter 115 Poor Public Relations

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Amanda hung up the phone angrily, and her face changed with anger. She sat on the bed, gasping for breath.

"Aunt?" Ellie opened the door slowly and said with a smile. She walked in carefully with her favorite nutritious porridge in her hand.

Seeing Ellie, Amanda's angry face softened, but she didn't say anything.

"Aunt Amanda, I asked the cook to make your favorite porridge for you. Have a taste? It's delicious! " Smiling, Ellie walked over and put the porridge on the table steadily.

"I've known everything. Two important clients have been lost, which leads to our company's being in short of capital. Please don't be angry. It has become a matter of fact, and I believe that Arvin will handle it well."

As she spoke, she casually took Amanda's arm and pulled her to sit down at the table. "Look, you won't be beautiful if you are angry."

She smiled and picked up the porridge.

Seeing her sincere and earnest face, Amanda couldn't help laughing, "You know my heart and know how to comfort people. I'm almost pissed off by them."

Amanda complained, taking the bowl from her hand and gently scooping it up with a spoon.

"If only my future daughter-in-law could know my heart as you do!" Amanda said with a smile. The more she looked at Ellie's handsome face, the more she liked it.

Amanda said casually and lowered her head to drink the porridge. Ellie's eyes lit up with a strange light, "Aunt Amanda, are you serious?" She looked a little excited, and what Amanda said suddenly warmed her heart.

"Why should I lie to you? A simple and kind girl like you is easy to suffer losses if you were not in the Xue family. Your parents are not young, and I have always treated you as my own daughter!"

Amanda said seriously, not noticing the joy in Ellie's eyes.

"Auntie, I have always liked you and Arvin. Although he

Okay, cousin, we'll wait for you!" With a joyful smile, Ellie hung up the phone. She held the phone in her hand, her eyes rolling. Then she quickly opened the wardrobe and carefully selected clothes.

Arvin smiled faintly and put away his phone. Kerr strode over from the outside.

"Mr. Xue. Your ladyship knows that our company failed to cooperate with the two big companies! "

Kerr reported to Arvin coldly with a worried look on his face.

"How did she know?" Arvin frowned. What happened in just a few days had spread to the old house. His mother had known it, so his grandmother must have known it!

"Don't forget that there is still Mark in the old house. He deliberately told others that the company was in danger." Kerr said indignantly. He didn't understand why Mark did that.

"I didn't expect him to put obstacles in my way. Now that they have known it, there is no need to keep hiding it. I have to go to the old house and explain it clearly. You go to the company first."

"Why did Mark do that? Is he trying to put you in trouble? Or does she want to prove that there is something wrong with your ability to manage a company? " Kerr couldn't help but doubt Mark's purpose, but he couldn't figure it out.

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