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   Chapter 114 Keep it a Secret from Outsiders

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"Mom, don't feel sorry for her. Now that she has made up her mind, let her go. They will be separated sooner or later. The two people who don't love each other were tied together, and I feel terrible!"

Amanda said with some grievance. She didn't want to listen to Madame Xue and Mark anymore, so she couldn't help interrupting them.

"And you, you don't have to ask so many questions. Since they are not appropriate for each other, they should be separated. It's a good chance to give someone a chance." Her sharp eyes swept across Mark's tender face, and her tone was full of mockery as if nothing had happened.

Mark knew that she was being mean to him. He smiled coldly, which made Amanda feel disgusted.

"All right, all of you, shut up. This is the dinner table. You can leave if you want to gossip!"

Madame Xue scolded her with a crutch in her hand. Amanda's face was cold with unwillingness, and then she quickly closed her mouth.

At this time, there was no need for her to argue with the head of the family because of Belinda, who was about to leave.

"Grandma, please have dinner." Mark considerately handed the bowl and chopsticks to Madame Xue, and rolled his eyes, no one knew what he was thinking.

"By the way, how is the company going recently?" Madame Xue seemed to think of something and asked seriously.

"The company... Something happened. "

Mark thought for a while, with an embarrassed look on his face.

As soon as his words came out of his mouth, Amanda and Madame Xue immediately looked at him.

"What happened?" Madame Xue's tone suddenly turned cold and looked at Mark sternly.

"Mark, don't talk nonsense. Arvin has run the Xue Group for so many years, and there is nothing wrong with the company. Why is there something wrong with the company just a few months after you came back? In my opinion, you are deliberately exaggerating the situation here."

Amanda said angrily, looking at him with hostility.

Seeing Amanda's angry face, Mark smiled faintly and seemed not to ca

h it again?" Amanda asked in a hurry.

Kerr lowered his eyes and said, "It's true. Mr. Arvin really wants to cut off the cooperation with the Hu Group completely." He nodded, knowing that there was no need to hide the truth, and opened his mouth to tell the truth.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Amanda angrily accused him. She had arranged him to stay with Arvin all the time, and he even didn't tell her such a big thing.

"If it weren't for Mark talked about it in front of Madame Xue, we wouldn't have known such an important thing!" Amanda was furious and questioned him harshly.

"I'm sorry. It just happened recently. The CEO doesn't allow to reveal it to the outsiders. " Kerr frowned and felt embarrassed.

"Arvin doesn't allow you to tell others, so you didn't tell me? Am I an outsider? I'm his mother! Am I an outsider? Kerr, don't you remember that I brought you up from the orphanage and supported you to go to college. I arranged you to take care of Arvin, but I didn't ask you to hide the news for him on purpose! "

Amanda shouted angrily, and her saliva flew in the air. She waved her hand angrily and hung up the phone.

The phone was hung up. A trace of hesitation flashed across Kerr's calm face. He did owe Amanda a lot. That was why he had been with Arvin for so many years and became his most capable assistant.

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