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   Chapter 110 Not Busy At All

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She tried her best to push away the man who trapped her, but Arvin's body seemed to be fixed and did not move at all.

"Belinda, why didn't I find that your heart is so cold and heartless? You even don't want to let go of your own child. Is your heart made of stone? It's made of iron and has no feelings at all! "

Arvin angrily accused her. He stared at her ferociously, but suddenly felt she was a stranger to him. The two were so close that they could clearly see the subtle expressions on each other's face, but they were still unable to see each other's heart.

Belinda's clear eyes shook, and Arvin's anger was all seen by her. She lowered her head and tried to act as if nothing had happened. "Arvin, you are the one who has no heart. Now, you blame all the responsibilities on me. Forget it. Sign the divorce agreement, and we will break up in two separate ways!"

Belinda said in a deep voice. She didn't even look at Arvin. Her voice was as light as air.

Arvin looked at her with a cold face, and his eyes gradually became malicious. "Belinda, divorce is okay, but not now. Don't even think about it to take my child away from me!" Arvin roared angrily, looking like a furious beast. He had used up all his patience to deal with Belinda.

He let go of her casually and squinted at her. "Now, I will cancel all the previous agreements between us. We'll talk about it after the baby is born!"

Arvin said in a cold tone without any doubt. Belinda suddenly raised her head, "Arvin, how can you break your promise?" Belinda couldn't help retorting.

"As the CEO of a group, how dare you break your promise?" Belinda sneered, trying to irritate him and make him sign the divorce agreement.

Arvin looked at her coldly, "Belinda, your trick doesn't work on me. Whatever you say, I have made up my mind. You must keep the child! Otherwise, you will never be able to leave the X

efore her hand touched the cup, the nurse beside her said in a panic.

Belinda was startled and had to withdraw her hand slowly.

"I can do it myself..." She smiled awkwardly and looked unnatural.

She glanced at the nurses standing in the room with her clear eyes and felt guilty.

What a bastard Arvin was? Did he come here to ask them to take care of her or to monitor her thoroughly?

Belinda couldn't help cursing in her heart. The atmosphere in the room was very strange. All the nurses were staring at her, which made her feel uncomfortable all over.

Belinda put down the cup and decided to go out for a walk.

Unexpectedly, when she just moved and bent down halfway, a nurse exclaimed, "Mrs. Xue, we'll bring you shoes!"

Belinda smiled awkwardly, allowing the nurse to put the shoes on her feet.

Belinda couldn't stay calm anymore. "There are so many patients in the hospital. Shouldn't you be very busy? Why are you all here? "

She smiled awkwardly and asked speechlessly. In the past, the nurses would come here every time they had something to do. Now, there were so many people taking care of her. She was speechless!

"Mrs. Xue, we are not busy. Not busy at all! " The nurses looked at each other and answered in one voice.

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