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   Chapter 101 The Tenth Client

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Amanda said with high spirit, "For such a long time, I have tried all means to make her leave the Xue family but to no avail. I didn't expect that she would take the initiative to leave the Xue family. It's really beyond my expectation."

Amanda said with her eyebrows dancing cheerfully.

There was a strange silence on the phone, and her excited expression gradually calmed down. "Arvin, are you listening?"

Amanda asked suspiciously.

"Yes, I heard it!" Arvin replied indifferently, with his eyebrows involuntarily knitted together. He held the phone tightly with his knuckles turning pale.

'Belinda, are you really going to leave?

A trace of doubt flashed through his eyes. "Belinda tell you personally?"

Arvin's voice was a little erratic, and he even wanted to hear the answer to be denied.

"Of course, Belinda told me this personally. I didn't believe it at first, but after I confirmed it with her again, I have to believe it. She went to see your grandmother just now in order to say goodbye to her in advance!"

Amanda said in a serious tone. There was a hint of complacency in her words. As long as Belinda left the Xue family and got out of here completely, she could arrange for Lily and Arvin to get along with each other.

She was happy to see such a result!

Arvin frowned and his eyes turned cold. His mother's words seemed to be piercing into his heart, making him feel uncomfortable for a moment, but he didn't know how to relieve it.

"It's good that Belinda has left. Anyway, I don't like her either. In this way, it will give you and Lily a chance to start a new life. Lily's family is nice, considerate and generous, so..." Amanda said to the phone excitedly. She couldn't help but make plans for the days after Belinda left. It seemed that a good life had appeared in front of her. It was just a matter of time!

"I see!" Hearing his mother's endless chatter, Arvin frowned

quietly enjoying her time and memories. For a moment, all the feelings of separation surged up in her heart, and tears fell silently.

She stretched out her hand and wiped it slowly. Then she raised her head and took a big sip of the wine. It was said that strong alcohol could boost one's courage. Stimulated by the strong alcohol, Belinda's mood suddenly became brighter.

"Miss, is there anyone here?" The moment she lowered her head, an incomparably pleasant voice rang in her ears.

Belinda raised her head suspiciously. When she raised her eyes, she was stunned. A handsome man stood in front of her with a smile at the corners of his mouth. His eyes flickered as if they could speak. He could see through Belinda's mind at a glance, making her unable to move her eyes, In the afternoon, the sunshine fell in front of Belinda over his tall figure. For a moment, the sunshine shone brightly. Belinda looked at him in surprise and didn't react.

"Is there anyone sitting here? If not, don't you mind me sitting here? " Seeing that Belinda was absent-minded, the man flipped the hair on his forehead casually, with a wild and unruly smile on his lips.

His eyes were full of irresistible tenderness and affection. Belinda suddenly understood and had to nod.


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