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   Chapter 96 The Same Name

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"Miss, you are not allowed to stay here. Besides, usually to become a member of this court course, someone has to be introduce by other members. You won't create members in this way. Please go back." The security guard said seriously and asked her to leave without hesitation.

Belinda was speechless. Didn't this mean that even if she waited here for ten days or even half a month, she wouldn't be able to develop new clients? In order to develop members from the inside, one had to take advantage of his or her interpersonal relationship.

Her high fighting spirit was almost crushed, but she couldn't help but feel unreconciled.

"I won't disturb others if I stand here. Can you be lenient? Maybe I can stand here and have a try. If I don't, how do you know that I won't succeed? "

Belinda plucked up the courage to suggest. Even if there was only one percent hope, it was her last way out. She could not give up.

"I'm sorry. I have to play by the rules. Please leave!" The security guard said in a tough tone, completely losing his patience.

Then he stretched out his hand and led Belinda out.

"Well, listen to me. Even if I fail, there will be no loss to you, right? Besides, I'm your client! Can't you just let me wait here? "

Being driven away ruthlessly, Belinda was a little discouraged, but she was still unwilling to give up the opportunity.

"Miss, if you still don't leave here, I'll call someone!" The security guard scolded seriously, showing no mercy.

Seeing that the man was not willing to compromise, Belinda's face flashed a trace of disappointment. "Well, I'll leave now. You don't have to drive me away." Then she walked out of the parking lot slowly.

"It's unbelievable that someone has such an illusion as to develop clients in the parking lot." The security guard shook his head speechlessly and said in a sarcastic tone. He didn't turn back until he saw Belinda walk out of the parking lot.


Arvin drove directly back to the company from the court. For some reason, he couldn't calm down when he thought of the d

mpany indeed had such economic power.

"What's your name?" Rose asked suspiciously, her hand holding the steering wheel trembling when she heard the word "Belinda".

Her heart was beating fast. She frowned and stared at Belinda who was sitting on the passenger seat.

Her reaction was a little abrupt. Belinda was shocked by her sudden question. "My name is Belinda. What's wrong? Is there any problem?"

Belinda smiled awkwardly and looked at her pale face suspiciously.

"Oh, nothing! Belinda, what a good name! " Belinda's cautious look made Rose feel a little uneasy. Then she quickly put on a gentle smile.

Her daughter was supposed to be as old as her. She comforted herself that the city was so big, and maybe it was just the same given name.

"Really? I also think my name is very beautiful and I like it very much. But I don't seem to be as gentle as ordinary girls. So I'm a little sorry for this name! "

Belinda smiled brightly and looked at Rose with her clear eyes.

"Who made the rule that Belinda must be gentle? I like you very much, just like the way I was when I was young!" Rose smiled and looked at Belinda gently, "But the name sounds sweet. I guess there must be a lot of girls have this name..."

Rose said, with a trace of bitterness flashing in her gentle eyes. The world was so big that she didn't know where to find her daughter.

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