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   Chapter 91 Why Didn't She Notice it before

The Closer, The Better By Dong Lier Characters: 6576

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In the office, Arvin sneezed heavily at the computer. He touched his nose slowly and wondered if Belinda was scolding him behind his back?

A shrewd light flashed through his deep eyes. In that case, he had to set more tasks for her to complete...

Belinda came in with a dirty face and put the things Arvin wanted on the desk. Arvin looked at her gently and opened his mouth to say something.

"Don't say anything first. Let me drink some water first!" Arvin's thin lips moved. Belinda waved her hand and shouted at him.

"Let's talk about it after I finish the water." She said seriously, and then took a deep breath, picked up the glass and drank it up.

Arvin stared at her with his deep eyes, and there was a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. Belinda could see it clearly. Why didn't she notice it before that her man had such a bitterly sarcastic face!

Belinda thought to herself.

Looking at her worn-out appearance, Arvin's eyes flashed a trace of guilt. The former lively and vigorous woman disappeared. There was only a deep hatred on Belinda's face at this moment, and she was eager to complain to him.

"Wait for me at the golf course this afternoon." Arvin ordered coldly. His deep eyes were unpredictable.

"Golf course?" Belinda asked in surprise. "Are you going to play golf?"

She complained. Even if he sat firmly in the office, her life would be worse than death. She couldn't imagine her fate when she went to the golf course.

"Is there any problem?" Arvin raised his eyebrows and asked suspiciously, with expectations in his eyes. He wondered if she would retreat from difficulties and admit to give up voluntarily.

"No!" Belinda answered without hesitation, "I'll be right there." After saying that, she turned around resolutely and walked out.

Looking at her back indifferently, Arvin's deep eyes twinkled. Belinda would rather grit her teeth stubbornly than go against his grandmother's will. If all this was not

a behind him with curiosity in his eyes.

"My assistant!" Arvin said coldly and led him inside.

"It turns out that she is your assistant. She is really a beauty. Mr. Arvin, you have a good taste. It's really enviable to have such an outstanding assistant."

As Alex spoke, he cast a meaningful glance at Belinda who followed him.

"Mr. Alex, this is a natural lawn, with the best environment and hidden golf course in the M City. I hope you can have a good time today!"

With a cold smile in his deep eyes, Arvin began to introduce the situation of the golf course to Alex.

Alex Hu listened quietly and seriously, showing great interest in Arvin's introduction.

Bored, Belinda followed them. Seeing that Arvin was introducing to Alex with a bright smile and quietly watching his every move, she couldn't help but feel a little absent-minded. There was a trace of calmness on Arvin's cold face, and every move he did seemed to be appropriate, with a natural confidence temperament.

He sometimes frowned slightly, sometimes confidently expressed his opinions, and sometimes lowered his head in silence and seriously thought...

Arvin was born to be a king. His every move made people unable to move their eyes. She had never seen him like this. For a moment, she was deeply attracted by him.

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