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   Chapter 90 You Bastard

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"I'm going out to buy breakfast!" She didn't hide anything from Mark. It was unnecessary and impossible for her to hide the truth of working in the company.

"For my brother?" Mark asked in surprise, with a gleam in his eyes. His malicious eyes narrowed slightly.

"Yes, I don't want to talk to you anymore. I have to go now!" Belinda said in a hurry. It was her first day to be Arvin's assistant. If she couldn't do it well, she wouldn't have such a good chance to get close to him.

"Were you okay last night? When did you leave? " Mark asked softly.

"What?" Hearing his sudden question, Belinda's mind stopped for a while. "Well, I was drunk and left. I didn't say goodbye to you." She blushed and made up a lie. Then she turned around and left in a hurry.

Looking at her ambiguous words, Mark's tender eyes quickly turned cold. Her reaction told him that something must have happened to her last night, but she didn't want to tell him.

He looked at Belinda's receding figure, lost in thought.

Just then, Tina passed by him and was stopped by him. "Why is Belinda here?" He asked curiously.

"You don't know? Miss Belinda is Mr. Arvin's new personal assistant. " Tina said gently, "No wonder you don't know. We didn't know it until this morning. The president just announced it." Tina shrugged in disbelief, turned around and walked past Mark.

Personal assistant? 'Arvin, when did you need such an assistant?' His intuition told him that something must have happened between Belinda and him last night.


Belinda rushed out of the office in a hurry and she finally brought back the warm breakfast. She rushed into the office in a hurry.

"I've brought back the breakfast you ordered!" Belinda wiped the sweat from her head and looked up, only to find that there was no one in the office.

"Where is he?" She walked in in surprise, put the breakfast on the desk, and looked around suspiciously.

Footsteps came from the door. Arvin, in a plain li

le at the corners of his mouth. 'Belinda, let's see how long you can hold on!'

Belinda quickly hailed a taxi and headed for the place he designated.

When she came back from the coffee shop again, she was so tired that she was sweating and her feet were a little weak.

She gently put the coffee on the desk and rushed to the water cup.

Arvin looked at her indifferently without any expression on his cold face, "It takes a few minutes longer than I expected. Belinda, next time, please improve your efficiency and cherish your time." Arvin said indifferently, squinting at her.

Belinda looked at him with sharp eyes, as if she wanted to dissect him and see if his heart was black or not.

"Arvin, I will do it better next time." Belinda smiled, turned around and rolled her eyes at him.

If it weren't for Madame Xue's order, she wouldn't have appeared here to be his slave!

"Oh, I suddenly remember..."

Seeing her turn around, Arvin seemed to think of something and said slowly.

For the whole morning, Belinda went through the whole M City center without a stop. Every time she came back, Arvin would give her new orders. She didn't even have time to drink water.

"Arvin, you bastard!" Standing in the scorching sun, Belinda angrily shook the sweat on her forehead and roared to the sky!

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