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   Chapter 86 You Volunteered

The Closer, The Better By Dong Lier Characters: 7236

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Vaguely, Belinda saw clearly the man with beer belly who kept letting her drink wine in the private room just now!

"You, let me go!" Belinda tried her best to push him away from her, but she was too weak to do that. In the man's eyes, she was simply pretending to refuse.

"Honey, don't be so innocent. All you work here is for money. I have a lot of money. As long as you serve me well, I will give you money!"

The man said frivolously, and then began to touch Belinda's body.

Belinda cursed in her heart, "Don't touch me, or I will make you regret for the rest of your life!" Belinda said angrily. However, her heart gradually sank, because she found that not only did she not have the strength, but even her consciousness began to become blurred.

The situation was not good!

"What a glib tongued girl! But... I'm not scared. " The man looked at Belinda up and down greedily and reached out to take off her clothes.

"Bang!" A bottle of wine hit the man's head heavily. The man with beer belly felt something flowing down from his head. He stretched out his hand to touch his head and the blood was full of his hand. He opened his eyes wide and passed out before he could turn around.

Belinda's eyes were filled with confusion, and a tall and straight figure appeared in front of her. Without thinking carefully, she was picked up by the man and the man walked out.

With a cold face, Arvin quickly came out of the bar and strode towards the car. The hot temperature of Belinda's body made his face gloomy and frightening.

"It's so hot!" The heat from her body made her feel very anxious and uncomfortable. She tore her body randomly, and most of her exposed clothes were taken off by her.

"Damn it! Belinda, can you be more reserved? " Arvin shouted at her angrily. He opened the door and pushed Belinda into the car.

"Why are you so noisy?"

Being burned by sex desire, Belinda didn't care much. She tightly held Arvin's neck with her hands, unwilling to let go. The touch of skin made her depressed lust seem to find an exit.

"Arvin, help me." Belinda held the man in front of her tightly. At least being with him was a hundred

ou wake up tomorrow!" His cold voice was full of warning and helplessness, and then he kissed her passionately.

There was a trace of tenderness in his kiss. Belinda couldn't help but sink into it. The burning lust in her body didn't give her any chance to think, forcing her to try her best to cater to him.

'Arvin, even if tomorrow is the end of the world, today is still the most brilliant and meaningful day.' Thinking of this, Belinda couldn't help but burst into tears.

Belinda's tears fell on the snow-white bed sheet. Arvin was stunned and frowned. "Belinda, I don't want to force you. If you say you don't want to do it now, I'll leave right away!"

Belinda's tears made his heart tighten, and his voice was rare gentle.

"Arvin, I'm your wife." The sudden stop made Belinda a little disappointed. She looked at him with blurred eyes and said a few words gently, as if to express her affirmation and promise to him.

Arvin understood what she meant, lowered his head and responded enthusiastically.

The night was dark and deep. In the luxurious bedroom, two passionate men and women hugged each other tightly, leaving behind a room of romance...

The next day, Belinda's mind was in a mess and her head was splitting. When she opened her eyes, Arvin's cold face appeared in front of her. What happened yesterday quickly broke into her mind. In the Night Club, she was drunk, and then... Scenes appeared in her mind.

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