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   Chapter 85 Ask Her to Go There

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"What's up?" Belinda turned around and asked listlessly. Today's accident completely blocked her way out.

"Look at your depressed face. It seems that someone owes you eight hundred dollars! The guest in room 888 ordered a barmaid and asked you to go there. Get dressed and go there quickly! Don't make the guests wait too long! "

The foreman urged hurriedly.

888? Belinda couldn't figure it out. Wasn't that private room Arvin booked? Thinking of his determined leaving, a trace of bitterness emerged in her heart.

Was he so willing to let her give up her dignity and serve him? Let her smile in front of other men?

Belinda took a deep breath. The smile on her face was stiff and strange. "Manager, I'm just a part-time worker. I just come to help. I'm not here to be a prostitute! I can't serve and drink with them! "

There was a stiff smile on her face, but her words were full of rejection. Anyway, she was just a substitute, and there was no need to be aggrieved to do what she did not like.

"What did you say? Did I hear it wrong? The guest just asked you to drink with him. Are you going to refuse him without thinking? Mr. Xue asked you to go there, but you didn't appreciate it! "

The foreman pointed at Belinda's head angrily, and then forcibly took her hand and walked towards the private room.

"I don't care if you come to help or not. Since you are here, you are an employee of the bar. You can't provoke customers at will! Go in, or you won't be able to leave tonight! " The foreman angrily pulled her to the door of the private room and ordered, pointing at her.

Belinda's mind stopped working in an instant, and the unpleasant sarcastic words of the foreman echoed in her ears. She was in a trance for a moment, "You just said who asked me to go there?"

"Mr. Xue! But you don't have to know that clearly. You'd better go in. It's no good to irritate Mr. Xue! Besides, you're just drinking with him, not sleeping with him! Don't worry. I will pay you salary. " The foreman said impatiently, opened the door and pushed Belinda inside.

Out of control, Belinda staggered into the private room, staring blankly at the lively men and women in the room, at a loss.

Seeing Belinda break in, Arvin raised his eyes and then turned around indiff

ve a good rest here. You will be fine!" The woman said with a sly smile on her scarlet lips and closed the door casually.

"Well, how do you know my surname? It's so strange... "

Belinda muttered suspiciously and lay on the bed at ease. Although her mouth and body were out of control, her mind was unusually clear and she was not sleepy at all.

She looked around the room in confusion. She touched her head and felt the sky and earth spinning. Her body was gradually getting hot, and her whole body seemed to be burning, which made her mouth and tongue dry, "Why is the room so hot?" She mumbled and looked at the glass of water on the table. She wanted to pour water, but her feet were soft and she fell directly to the ground.

So hot! Belinda loosened her collar impatiently and lay on the ground feebly. The void and heat that were born from the bottom of her heart made her feel inexplicably familiar.

"I..." It suddenly occurred to her that there was something wrong with the wine she had just drunk in a fit of pique. She was drugged again!

"No, I can't stay here any longer." Realizing that the situation was bad, Belinda struggled to stand up and wanted to walk out of the room with both hands. However, her hands and feet were weak and she had no strength at all.

Just then, the door was suddenly opened and a man came in.

"Hey, why are you sitting on the ground? It's cold on the ground. Let's go to bed and warm up. " As he spoke, he bent down and forcefully carried Belinda to the bed.

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