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   Chapter 82 The Waitress That Came Late

The Closer, The Better By Dong Lier Characters: 6802

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"Damn it!" Belinda cursed as she rushed out of the corner. She looked around in a hurry, but there was no black Cayenne in the dark.

Belinda quickly made a call, "Tina, send me the place where Arvin is going right now. I've lost him!" She said angrily. She was very upset. It was so dark that even if Arvin had a pair of sharp eyes, he would not find her.

Just now, she was just making a fuss about it.

"Okay, I'll send it to you right now." On the other side of the phone, Tina took a look at her computer and quickly edited a message. Belinda glanced at her phone and quickly stopped a taxi by the roadside.

In the bustling downtown, Arvin sat in the car expressionlessly and rubbed his head. Thinking of the upcoming social engagement, he felt a little headache.

The traffic was heavy on the road. According to the news sent by Tina in advance, Belinda chose the closest road to track them. Soon, she found Arvin's conspicuous black Cayenne.

"Sir, keep up with the Cayenne ahead. Just follow it." Belinda said loudly. She suddenly cheered up and looked a little excited.

"Okay." The driver replied indifferently, "Miss, you must be a paparazzo, right? Look at your dressing, that must be a star in that car." The driver asked with great interest. Seeing Belinda covering herself on purpose and following the car suspiciously, the man couldn't help gossiping.

"Uh..." Belinda didn't know what to say. "You are right!"

She blinked her eyes and didn't bother to explain more to the driver.

"I knew it. The black Cayenne in front of us seems to be very expensive. Only famous stars deserve this kind of treatment!" The driver said affirmatively with a smug look on his face.

At this moment, the driver stopped the car to wait at traffic lights. The black Cayenne happened to drive over. Seeing that Arvin's car driving far away, Belinda shouted in surprise, "Sir, keep up with that car! They're gone! "

"Miss, we have no choice. There is a red light ahead. We have to wait for a moment." The driver said he

e people coming in and out, she felt confused.

With so many people and rooms, where on earth should she go to find Arvin!

While she was thinking, a woman in uniform came over. Seeing her sharp eyes, she looked at her up and down for a few seconds and walked towards her in high heels.

"You! Come here! " She pointed at Belinda and ordered.

Belinda was shocked and had to bite the bullet. "I'm here..."

"Why are you still standing there? I know you called for temporary help today. Do you know it's late?"

Belinda's opened mouth was choked. She rolled her eyes and closed her mouth quickly. "Yes, yes, you are right. There was a traffic jam on the road today, so I was late!" Belinda lowered her head and apologized to her in a hurry.

She quickly changed her mind. Anyway, she knew nothing about this place. It was difficult to find Arvin in such a big bar. She'd better seize the opportunity to sneak in!

Thinking of this, Belinda's mind was suddenly enlightened.

The woman of was still criticizing her sharply. Seeing that she kept nodding and didn't say anything, she somehow liked her being cooperative. Maybe she was tired of talking, she looked at her with disdain in her eyes, and then reached out her hand to pull her clothes with all her strength.

"Why are you dressed like this? Where are we? Are you an undercover? "

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