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   Chapter 80 Can't Sit Still And Wait For Death

The Closer, The Better By Dong Lier Characters: 6128

Updated: 2020-04-29 00:24

"So you came here so rashly?" Arvin said coldly, with a frightening coldness on his face.

Belinda turned a blind eye to his impatient face and continued, "Arvin, I have something important to tell you. " She said seriously. If she didn't get him, she would have to leave the Xue family. Time didn't allow her to miss any chance.

"About the car accident, I need to explain to you..." Belinda couldn't wait to say. Madame Xue told her that Arvin liked her and even helped her speak in front of the crowd. At this point, Belinda somewhat had the courage to talk to him.

"Stop! I don't want to see you, Belinda. Don't you understand? We have nothing to do with each other. " Arvin said coldly. He had told her clearly last time in the mansion, and now she suddenly appeared in front of him. He was quite tired of her.

"Can't you just listen to me calmly?" His indifference made Belinda very angry. She came over to him to offer peace and wanted to make it clear to him. He just refused to speak to her.

"No way!" Arvin interrupted her coldly.

"But you clearly believe that I am innocent. You know the brake failure, don't you? Why can't you calm down and listen to me to finish my words? "

Belinda was pissed off by his attitude towards her.

"Shut up! I admit that the brake is out of control, but I'm not sure whether you have nothing to do with the car accident. Maybe, from beginning to end, the car accident was planned by you and him in collusion! " Arvin suddenly stood up from the chair and shouted at her.

Belinda was shocked by his words. She stared at him with her clear eyes, unable to react for a long time.

"Tell me, who did I collude with?" His words were like a heavy stone pressed on her heart.

"I can explain to you, Mark..."

Knowing that Arvin misunderstood her, Belinda opened her mouth

iss Qin, even if you are really Mr. Xue's wife, he is the one in charge of the company. He said he wouldn't let you in, so you can't. I have no choice."

"Well, can you think of a way? I really have something very important to do. How about I come to him tomorrow?"

Hearing the earnest tone of the assistant, Belinda rolled her eyes and put down herself. Arvin never returned to the mansion. If she couldn't enter the company, she would have no chance to approach him.

No way! She couldn't sit still and wait for death. She had to take the initiative!

"Miss Qin, the CEO has commanded that you are not allowed to enter the company's gate. If I, including the receptionist, really disobey the CEO's order to let you in, then we can only be fired! "

The assistant looked sincere and serious. She was very understanding of Belinda's situation, but she insisted on her stand, Belinda would never be able to step into the Xue company!

"Miss Qin, please forgive us. We have parents and children. It's not easy for us to work alone in the city. This job is very important to me, so please don't come here again, okay?" The assistant pleaded. After all, Belinda was Arvin's wife and she didn't dare to offend her.

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