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   Chapter 79 Receive Ultimatum

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Hearing Madame Xue's comment on her, Amanda bit her lips and her eyes dimmed.

"I know, grandma. I don't take her words seriously." Belinda said slowly. She never put Amanda on the opposite side of her, just out of respect for the elders.

"If she wants to make trouble for you, just tell me. I'll stand up for you. As for the rest, no matter what she says, you don't need to care. Just let her say it."

Madame Xue patiently comforted her. She was worried that Belinda would be devastated by Amanda, so she took the opportunity to comfort her. Belinda was in a good mood in an instant.

"Grandma, why do you want to see me?" She nodded. Since Madame Xue asked her to come here, she couldn't just for comforting her.

"Belinda, how is everything going with the task that grandma asked you to do?" Madame Xue asked with concern.

His words made Belinda silent. "Grandma, I'm sorry. I hadn't accomplished what you asked me to do. Arvin has always been on guard against me and is unwilling to give me any chance to approach him. "

Belinda said dejectedly. It was not easy for it to get better before, but it was screwed up by the car accident, and there was no room for maneuvers.

"Do you mean that Arvin doesn't want to get close to you?" Hearing Belinda]'s depressed words, Madame Xue got suspicious. "But as far as I know, you are in Arvin's heart. He came to explain for you this morning."

Madame Xue couldn't help but feel strange. She didn't know whom she should believe in. Looking at Belinda's embarrassed face, she couldn't figure out what the two young men were thinking about.

"Grandma, I've screwed it up. He doesn't even want to give me a chance to explain. He doesn't even go home." Belinda felt like weeping but had no tears, and even felt a little embarrassed.

Madame Xue frowned tightly and listened to Belinda's depressed words, "Well, well, well, Arvin is not that ruthless. I know his temper. As long as you make a little effort, you will definitely win him over."

and CEO of Ming Yang International are going to hold a teleconference, followed by the opening ceremony of the new project on the development zone. There is a dinner party with the CEO of the L.C. The time and place have not been decided yet."

Kerr glanced at the document quickly and said to him in an orderly way.

"Got it!" Arvin said expressionlessly, reached out his hand to open the door of the office and quickly walked towards the desk.

"The time and place of the dinner tonight will be decided according to their preferences. I'll leave it to you." Arvin ordered with a straight face and pulled a chair to sit down.

"Okay!" Kerr nodded and handed the coffee cup to him.

Arvin took it and opened his mouth to drink.


Seeing him, Belinda couldn't wait to get up from the sofa and shouted at him.

Before he could take a sip of the coffee, Arvin was shocked by Belinda and asked, "Why are you here?"

He put down the coffee cup with a cold face, and his sharp eyes were full of questioning. He looked at Belinda coldly without any joy or tenderness.

"I called you, but you didn't answer. I had to come to you." His face darkened. Belinda knew his resistance to her uninvited invitation, but she couldn't wait. She couldn't wait to find an opportunity to kill the misunderstandings between them.

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