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   Chapter 66 What A Coincidence

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Belinda walked a few steps away, and suddenly a voice called from behind, "Please wait! "

Rose called as she walked quickly towards Belinda. "You are the girl who helped me catch the thief last time. What a coincidence! " She smiled and reached out to shake hands with her.

Belinda looked at her face carefully for a while and finally recognized her. "It's you. What a coincidence! "

"Why are you here?" Rose asked curiously. This was the Xue company. It seemed a little abrupt for a girl in casual clothes to appear here.

Belinda smiled sheepishly, "I'm here to look for someone. Now the matter has been accomplished." She smiled and waved goodbye to Rose.

Looking at the back of Belinda who left in a hurry, Rose sighed in her heart. Her daughter should be as old as her now!


"Mrs. Xue, please take care." In the starry beauty club, Amanda came out happily. The beautician Lily arranged for her had satisfying skills. Besides, the club had also given her a great discount and privilege.

"Bye!" Amanda waved goodbye to the beautician, took out her phone and dialed the number on the business card.

"Hello, I'm looking for Miss Lily." Amanda said in a soft voice.

"Excuse me, who are you? I'm her assistant. She's on the show now. I can pass on a message for you. "

"Well My name is Amanda Li. Now that she's busy, I will call her later. " Amanda hung up the phone with a depressed look on her face and got on the car.

Lily who was commanding her assistant just now, gave the assistant a look of appreciation until the phone was hung up.

"Amy, you are wonderful. Recently, you lying arts has really improved! I'll give you award later! " Lily praised with a big smile.

"Miss Lily, I don't know who Amanda is. Why didn't you answer her phone?" The assistant asked suspiciously. Lily was obviously looking forward to the call, but she didn't answer it on purpose.

"You don't understand. This is called waiting for the boss fish!" Lily chuckled and dialed the number.

"Hello? Aunt! " She called her in a friendly way, and her face was full of joy.

"Lily, I'm sorry to call you when you were busy." Amanda said guiltily, "Aren'

"Yes, sit down, Arvin." Amanda winked at Arvin.

Arvin sat down in silence.

"Lily is a good girl. Arvin, you should treat her well! She even thinks about you while having dinner. " Amanda said to Arvin.

She looked at Lily with appreciation and smiled.

"Mom, you'd better keep silent during dinner. It's not good for digestion!" Arvin said in a low voice, staring at the menu, but he was not relaxed at all.

It would be much more difficult for him to deal with Lily since his mother got involved.

Seeing Arvin's cold face, Amanda was a little unhappy and complained, "You haven't ordered yet. Why can't you speak?"

She rebuked him with dissatisfaction.

"She is the best, most considerate, smartest and most ambitious girl I've ever seen. It's hard to find such a good girl now!" Amanda said excitedly, ignoring Arvin's increasingly gloomy face.

"Lily, Arvin is very busy at work. If you have time, please take him out as often as possible and help me keep an eye on him." Seeing that Arvin didn't say anything, Amanda turned to Lily and said.

Lily blushed and nodded, "Aunt, I will keep these words in mind even if you don't tell me. After all, Arvin and I are friends." With a shy look on her face, she wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. However, she had successfully showed Amanda the intimacy between she and Arvin.

"Yes, yes. Friends should hang around more!" Amanda replied with a smile.

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