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   Chapter 56 Popped Out From a Crack in the Stone

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Updated: 2020-04-23 10:37

"Mr. Arvin." Kerr walked in with a suspicious look on his face. He met Amanda outside just now, but she left angrily without looking at him.

"Spread the news out that my mother has returned to the Xue Family." His deep eyes turned slightly, and his tone was a little helpless.

For his mother, the more people paid attention to her, the safer she would be. But someone could only be hid by him, as if she had never appeared.

Wearing high heels, Amanda angrily walked out of Arvin's office and happened to meet Mark.

"You..." Mark squinted and wanted to say hello to her, but was ignored by her.

"Humph!" Mark squinted his eyes and snorted coldly. This woman didn't make trouble for him when she saw him. It was beyond his expectation!

Amanda stood outside the gate of the company in her high-heeled shoes and dialed a number, "Hey, I want all the information about Belinda, right now!" She hung up the phone angrily and walked towards the luxury car parked on the side of the road.


"Miss Belinda?" Sophie anxiously called outside the door, "It's getting late. You should get up and have breakfast!" She gently knocked on the door.

Belinda wore a nightgown with lace. Her hair was disheveled and her face was full of tears. "No, thanks. I'll go downstairs later." She wiped the tears on her face and pretended that nothing had happened.

Sophie was suspicious and looked at the tightly closed door with a worried face. She hesitated and said, "Okay, I'll go downstairs to prepare for you."

Hearing the fading footsteps, Belinda, with her pale face buried in the quilt, got up, changed her clothes and went downstairs expressionlessly.

"Miss Belinda, are you okay?" Looking at her pale face, Sophie said with concern. The sound of her quarrel with Arvin last night was deafening, and she heard it clearly downstairs.

"Nothing." Belinda smiled as if nothing had happened.

"This is breakfast, please." Seeing that she didn't want to talk more, Sophie brought the breakfast up with a smile. She tu

ally think highly of her! " Amanda was complacent, but there seemed to be a huge stone pressed in the bottom of her heart, which made her a little depressed and unable to breathe, "Madame Xue is so stupid. How could she arrange such a marriage for Arvin?" She complained resentfully, her eyes full of dissatisfaction and resentment.

She was good to Mark and even partial to him, but to Arvin, she was careless and perfunctory!

Amanda thought angrily and her face suddenly darkened.

"You can leave now." She asked him away.

"Yes, madam!" The man walked away without raising his head.

Belinda rushed into the old house. When she heard that Amanda was resting in the garden, she came over without hesitation.


Belinda held her breath and stood in front of her angrily.

"When... When did you come here?" Seeing Belinda, Amanda was startled and her delicate face darkened.

"Why do you come here without telling me? You don't even have the basic etiquette!"

She looked at her with disdain and discontent and turned her head away.

"Auntie, I know you don't like me and even have a big prejudice against me. But as an elder, you can't do such a thing to sow dissension between us!"

Belinda stood in front of her calmly and asked her sharply. Amanda tried her best to control her emotions as if nothing had happened.

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