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   Chapter 50 Fire In The Backyard

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Ellie rolled her black eyes and quickly put on a cheerful smile. "Aunt, let's go inside."

With a gloomy face, Amanda walked in.

"Aunt, wait here. I'll go upstairs to look for Belinda." Have Amanda seated on the sofa, Ellie went upstairs quickly.

Ellie opened the door directly and saw the curtain was closed and the whole room was dark. Belinda covered herself under the quilt.

"Belinda! Why are you still sleeping? " Ellie screamed, walked to the window and drew the curtain apart. The sunshine fell into the room brightly. Belinda narrowed her eyes and said, "Ellie, why are you here?"

She asked with her hands blocking the dazzling sunshine.

"Get up quickly. My aunt is here!" Ellie stepped forward and pulled her.

"Aunt? What aunt? " Belinda was confused.

"Cousin's mother, your mother-in-law, aunt Amanda is back! She's downstairs! " Ellie said angrily and handed the clothes to her.

"What?" Belinda responded in shock and jumped off the bed immediately.

Amanda frowned and looked at the quiet mansion with a long face. There was no one in the living room.

Belinda put on the clothes and looked downstairs carefully. Amanda was sitting on the sofa in a neat, elegant and solemn manner, "Shh!" She slowly withdrew her head and said, " She's so serious. She's more terrible than grandma. Ellie, please do me a favor and tell her that I'm not at home! "

She held her hand and begged in a low voice.

"I can't. We just met Sophie downstairs. She told us that you hadn't got up yet!" Ellie frowned.

"Let's go!" Seeing that Belinda was afraid to move, Ellie pulled her up and went downstairs.

The stairs creaked as Belinda stumbled. Hearing the sound, Amanda turned around and looked at the two people seriously.

"Good morning, mom!" Belinda smiled sheepishly and waved her hand as a greeting.

"Morning? Look at the clock. What time is it? " Amanda snapped, glancing at the clock angrily.

Belinda put on a casual suit and hurriedly tied up her hair into a ponytail. She lowered her head and couldn't help bu

You don't understand the sinister nature of people. Back then, I was deceived by someone's appearance just because I didn't know people's innermost. That's why I ended up like this."

Amanda said as her eyes looked on blankly.

"It's hard to read people's mind. But I have much more experience in dealing with all sorts of people. As the old saying goes, the amount of road that I have walked is more than the amount of salt you have eaten. "

"But aunt Amanda..." She opened her mouth and wanted to explain, but Amanda shook her head helplessly, turned around and walked out of the living room.

She looked upstairs worriedly and turned around to go out.

It seemed that she did something bad without Arvin's permission and got into trouble again!

The car stopped steadily at the old house of Madame Xue. After Amanda went into her room, Ellie frowned and dialed the number with concern.

"Cousin, I seem to get into trouble again!" She said with regret and guilt.

Sitting in the meeting room, Arvin glanced at the crowd indifferently, turned his chair and strode out of the meeting room.

"What trouble did you get?" Arvin said in a low voice. His cousin always turned to him whenever she went into trouble.

He had been used to seeing Ellie make trouble!

"I'm sorry, Cousin! It's not that I'm in trouble, but you, your backyard is on fire! "

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