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   Chapter 45 Mom Is Back

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During the past years, she had only met Arvin for several times. Thinking of her son's working hard to support the whole Xue family by himself, Amanda felt guilty and distressed.

Thinking of this, Amanda's eyes were filled with tears. "My son, I'm back! We can finally reunite. "

Arvin took a deep breath and started the car urgently. "I'm not in the company at present. Send me the address and I'll see you right away." Arvin replied flatly, and the black Cayenne rushed out of the garage like an arrow from the string.

After hanging up the phone, Amanda was a little excited and hurriedly texted her address to him.


As the night fell, neon lights flashed on the bustling street and quickly bounced against the car window. Arvin's face was cold, and under the light, his expression varied rapidly.

He arrived at the restaurant and rang the doorbell hastily.

"Son!" Hearing the doorbell, Amanda rushed to open the door. Seeing Arvin, she was so excited that tears almost fell down.

She opened her arms and held Arvin tightly in her arms.

"Arvin, Mommy is back!"

Arvin frowned and let his mother hold him. After a while, he pushed his mother away and gently asked, "Mom, why are you back?" Mark came back, and so did his mother. Things were out of his expectation, and he didn't even have time to react.

"Are you still going to hide it from me? Why did I come back? Mark has come back and has become the general manager of the company. Can I still stay in England peacefully? "

Amanda said excitedly, with anger in her eyes. It was not that she broke her promise, but that her son needed her. She couldn't let Mark have his way.

"You knew?" Arvin was suddenly speechless.

"Arvin, if I don't come back, are you going to keep it from Mom? For so many years, since your father passed away, you have been managing and supporting the Xue family alone at such a young age. How can they pick it up for free? "

Amanda said indignantly, waving he

impure thoughts take away everything that belongs to him. As you said, I'm good in everything. The only weakness of me is stubbornness. But if people don't stick to their love, will they regret when they lose it?"

In the quiet cemetery, the breeze gently blew the hair on her forehead, covering most of her face. After a long time, she slowly reached out her hand.

The moment she turned her head, she was stunned, as if she had been struck by lightning. Her body stiffened on the ground.

The photo on the next tombstone attracted her suddenly! Amanda staggered and approached the tombstone almost crazily. Her eyes were on the tombstone, looking at the name and date on it. The woman's delicate face in the photo remained motionless, as if she was staring at her.

"Linda Li? You bitch! How could you be so shameless to chase after Ellis here! " Amanda was almost crazy. She fumbled under the tombstone with her hands. The soil was dug open and thrown aside by her.

Amanda's voice was hoarse, and her eyes were fiercely staring at the photo on the tombstone. Suddenly, she stretched out her hands and tore the photo off.

"You don't deserve to live here. If you stay here, it will only make me sick! It will disturb Ellis' rest! " She clenched the photo, tore it into pieces and threw it into the sky!

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