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   Chapter 21 Whoever Your father Is

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Belinda felt a strong sense of regret. But where could she buy regret medicine? If there was such medicine, she would be the first to buy a few!

By the way, black card!

Belinda thought quickly and came up with an idea. "You, let go of me. I have money. Take it and I'll pay for it!"

She was determined to do whatever she could to keep her reputation!

That black card wasn't hers anyway. As long as Arvin spent some money, it wouldn't kill him!

"Wow, you have money now?" Hearing Belinda's begging, the man smiled disdainfully, and then began to rummage through Belinda's body. In no time, he found out the black card.

"There really is a card here!" The man said as he showed the credit card other men.

"Come on! Do I look like someone who is lack of money? I want this woman tonight! Get out of here! " After saying that, the man threw the black card aside and swaggered towards the private room of the bar.

"Fuck you..." Belinda couldn't help but feel sick and had a strong urge to yell out the man. But she felt a little dizzy and didn't even get the chance to say a word.

'I'm so screwed! I'm going to lose my chastity!'

Belinda began to regret for what she had done. Maybe God had heard her prayer, or maybe it was because of the full effect of alcohol, Belinda fell into a coma with her head tilted!


At night, wearing a long face, Arvin waited in the living room. When he looked at the darkness outside, he was getting more and more angry. How dared she sneak away from the party and stay out all night!

This woman was really getting bolder and bolder!

The clock on the wall was ticking. Arvin suddenly stood up from the sofa and ordered, "go and find where she is! Now!"

Half an hour later, wearing a darkened face, Arvin arrived at the bar. He rushed in expressionlessly, ignoring the bartender's greetings.

He was immediately overwhelmed by the deafening noise and the swaying bodies on the dancing floor. Arvin looked around the dancing floor with sharp eyes and didn't find Belinda.

"Mr. Xue." The manager of the bar came to greet them as soon as he was told that Arvin was here. Arvin asked in a cold voice, "Have you seen this woman?"

The manager of the bar was stunned when he saw the picture in Arvin's hand. Arvin's face was as gloomy as cloud, so the manager immediately took the picture and handed to the workers to identify the woman.

"Mr. Xue, what happened?" The manager was in a cold sweat. Looking at the group of bodyguards behind Arvin, he couldn't calm himself down at all.

"Looking for someone!" Wearing a cold face, Arvin hastily walked towards the private rooms in the bar. Suddenly, he was stopped by a black card lying on the ground. His eyes constricted.

He held the card tightly in his hand and angrily walked towards the private rooms of the bar, "Belinda, you are such a fool!"

All of a sudden, Arvin's eyes turned cold and he madly rushed into the rooms each by each. The door was kicked open and the guests inside were shocked.

"Mr. Xue, Mr. Xue, what happened? If you want anything, just let me know... " The manager felt embarrassed. If he kept kicking the doors, all the guests would be scared away!

"Shut up before I smash here! Arvin turned around suddenly

and gave the manager a ferocious stare. Then, with one glance, the bodyguard next to him controlled the manager.

Naturally, Arvin got more and more anxious when he didn't see Belinda in every private room. Nonetheless, he was pretty sure that Belinda was in this bar.

Bang. Arvin kicked the door open and found several men in astonishment. Belinda who had lost her consciousness completely, lay still with her clothes disheveled, and half of her shoulder bare.


The man in the room stood up. Before he could say a word, Arvin had hit him in the face with his fist, causing him nosebleed!

"How... How can you hit me?" The man was stunned and perplexed by the sudden punch.

"Yes, I'm hitting you!" As soon as he finished his words, Arvin seized the man by the collar, and his fist landed on his face like raindrops. In no time, the man's face was swollen like a pig's head, and his mouth was spitting out blood.

"Do you know who I am! My father... " Before the man could finish his words, Arvin cast a fierce glance at him, and the man knew it was time to shut up.

He took off his black blazer and wrapped it around Belinda. "I don't care who your father is, or your grandfather!"

Arvin said coldly and kicked the door open.

The manager of the bar ran behind him and kept apologizing to Arvin.

On the black Cayenne, Arvin looked uneasy. The bar manager bent down and smiled flatteringly, "Mr. Xue, it's our negligence. I'm really sorry. Could you please..."

The manager begged pathetically. As long as Arvin stamped his feet in the M City, this bar would be closed forever, not to mention the manager would lose his job.

"Remember, from now on, you are not allowed to enter the bar any more! Otherwise, I will bring my people to destroy this place! "

The car's window was slowly rolled up and the black Cayenne disappeared in the darkness.

Belinda lay powerlessly on the car, as if she had a long dream.

Wearing a dark face, he stared at the woman lying in the car. He could smell the alcohol from her. He frowned and wondered how much she had drunk!

"Uh..." She curled up in the car. She couldn't help turning her body and her hands fell accidentally between Arvin's legs.

Swoosh! Arvin's eyes narrowed slightly and his pupils contracted violently. What a cunning woman she was?

He pushed her hand away and took a deep breath.

Unexpectedly, Belinda turned over and threw her hands on his legs again. This time, it was more powerful.

Hearing what she said, Arvin's breathing stopped. He looked at the tangled Belinda with his deep eyes and pulled her hands away mercilessly. Then he put her tightly against his body. What an evil woman! If it weren't for her, Arvin took a deep breath and turned his head outside the window.

With Belinda in his arms, Arvin finally put her down in the bed, turned around to leave.

"Wow!" With a sudden sound of vomiting, a suffocating odor spread across the room. Arvin turned around and saw the disgusting contents that had come out of her stomach through her mouth.

After vomiting, Belinda seemed to feel better. She slowly turned over and fell sleep again.

"Belinda Qin!" He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, with anger flaring up in his heart.

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