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   Chapter 20 You Are A Mistress

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While Lily was cleaning the wound for Arvin patiently, Arvin held her tightly in his arms, which pleased Lily very much. This time she made a splash in the celebrity banquet.

"What... What are you doing?" With a bashful look, Lily pretended to struggle for a while, and continued to bind up his wound. She was overjoyed.

Arvin shot a deep look towards Mark who was standing not far away. Wearing a triumphant smile, he said, "Lily is the only woman I have been in love and will love in the future."

Arvin deliberately raised his voice. Lily was astonished by the way Arvin flaunted his love in front of the public. Her face turned red and her excited eyes exposed her complacency.

The crowd applauded warmly and sent their blessings. Belinda walked out of the back hall and saw Arvin holding Lily tightly in his arms. The light in her clear eyes faded into disappointment. She turned around and quietly walked out of the living room to the garden.

With a bashful and happy face, Lily rested her head on Arvin's chest. She looked around the crowd with pride. Suddenly, a figure caught her attention.

Suddenly, an idea crossed her mind. She settled Arvin down and left with an excuse.

Belinda Qin! She was almost certain that the figure who had turned around and left just now was Belinda. She was also here!

Lily followed her out and looked around the large garden. Soon she found Belinda in an inconspicuous corner.

"Belinda Qin!" Lily grinned and then swaggered up to her on her high heels, looking up and down at her like a champion.

Hearing the voice, Belinda slowly turned her head and saw it was her. Without hesitation, she wanted to leave, but was grabbed by Lily instantly.

"Look at you. For people who don't know you are the young hostess of the Xue Family, they might regard you as a theif!" Her tone was full of contempt, and her eyes swept over her body with disdain. In comparison to her refined clothing, Belinda's simple and elegant style was really timid.

Lily seemed to have prepared for this conversation, but Belinda didn't want to waste time in arguing with her. "If you have nothing else to do, please leave." Belinda said with a cold face. She had already had enough troubles today.

"Except the servants, they don't know who you are, do they? They only know me, Arvin's girlfriend! "

Lily grabbed Belinda and wouldn't let her leave. It was not easy to have a chance to make a fool of her, she wouldn't miss it.

"Besides, there's no one passing by here. No one will know what I did to you. And, Arvin has no interest in you." Lily said with a wicked smile, walking towards Belinda step by step.

Belinda looked at her indifferently, her face solemn and cold. Suddenly, she smiled, "Everyone here knows you, not only here, but the whole country knows you. You are a mistress of a married man!"

Belinda couldn't help laughing. Then she seemed to think of something and said, "Oh, I forgot. You have a name. What do people call you? Ye Hu? Sorry, it is Ye Xiang, right? Thank God, it isn't your real name. How impressive your agent is by naming you Ye Xiang. Do you know what Ye Xiang means in traditional Chinese? It means shit. So you are as di

sgusting as shit. "

Belinda sneered coldly. She could forgive being framed by Lily last time, but this time Lily was asking for trouble for no reason!

"Belinda, who the hell are you! How dare you say that to me! " Lily's face suddenly changed. She waved her hand angrily toward Belinda's face, but was caught by Belinda.

"Shit? Haven't Arvin told you where I come from? Ren De Martial Arts Club! " Belinda tried her best to let go of her arm and gave her a beautiful kick. The chairs around the tea table were chopped into pieces by her.

Lily covered her mouth tightly and looked at Belinda in disbelief, "You, you're a man! No wonder Arvin doesn't like you! " Then she ran away without looking back.

"Don't think all women are like you!"

Looking at her ghost-like face, Belinda left the party silently.

Lily was so scared that she ran away without turning back. When she turned around, she found that Belinda did not follow. She could not help but gently touch her chest.

"Are you Okay? Miss Ye Xiang? " Mark stood next to her and asked her with concern.

Lily was taken aback by his sudden concern. "Oh, I'm fine." A strange expression flashed through Lily's face. After Belinda's teasing just now, she suddenly couldn't bear to hear her name.

"My brother is waiting for you there," Mark added Looking at Lily's pale face, Mark said softly.

She knew that he was Arvin's brother, so she calmed down and chatted with him politely.


The Night Club was almost empty in the afternoon. Belinda sat down in a casual position and asked for a bottle of wine from a bartender behind the bar counter.

The picture of Arvin and Lily embracing each other lingered in her mind, making her feel distressed. Why was he always so gentle to other women? Why was he always so cold and indifferent to her?

"Arvin, you bastard!" Belinda silently cursed him in her heart and drank the wine in her hand up.

Lost in her mind, Belinda drank up the bottle of wine and soon asked for several bottles. As time passed, the bar was crowded with people. She did not know when it was, but she felt a little dizzy.

She put herself up with her hands pushing the table and let out a belch. She wanted to go to the bathroom, but she was too weak to do so and fell down on the bar counter.

"What's wrong? Miss? Are you drunk? " Several men who had been watching Belinda in secret, came over and held her up. Their hands touched across her body lustfully.

Belinda raised her eyes, and the whole world started to whirl around. The scene was blurry, so she pushed them away with all her strength, "Fuck off!"

She stumbled under her feet and slumped into the chair again.

"She is a tough woman. I like her! Come on, guys, take her. " As soon as the leading man finished his words, several men pulled Belinda towards a special box room.

"Let me go! Let me go! Otherwise, I will kill you! " Belinda knew she was sandwiched in between several strange men, but she felt exhausted. At this moment, she really regretted choosing to drink so much alcohol, and she didn't even know how much wine she had drunk!

She could only let a few strange men take her to the private room of the bar.

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