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   Chapter 19 She Is My Girlfriend

The Closer, The Better By Dong Lier Characters: 6869

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When Arvin came over, he saw Belinda and Mark chatting in an intimate way. How he wished he could rush over at once.

He yelled out as he walked over at a fast pace. He pulled Belinda away from Mark and looked at her angrily.

"Brother, long time no see!" Without any surprise, Mark greeted Arvin gently.

Arvin snorted, "Huh, Why did you come back in such a hurry? " His voice sounded as cold as ice.

"It seems that you don't welcome me back? However I won't leave this time! " Mark said indifferently. He didn't care how much hostility Arvin had towards him.

This time, he was determined to change the setup of Xue Family and get back everything that belonged to him.

He looked right into Arvin's eyes with no fear at all. A war was about to break out between the two aggressive men. Although Belinda could easily sense the tension in the air, but

She didn't want to know what was going on between these two men. She was irritated by Arvin's arbitrary demeanor. It was him that invited her to attend this party, but now he was getting angry at her!

"Arvin, what do you mean?" Belinda glared at him and interrupted their talk.

Belinda stood in the middle of them and forced their eye contact to break up. Arvin looked down at her, "It's none of your business. You can go now!" He commanded and didn't want to waste any more words on the current situation.

"Don't you think you are a bit too much by doing so?" His words were so straightforward and unabashed that they made Belinda's anger rise again.

"Belinda, let's go!" Mark took Belinda's hand and turned around to leave. But Arvin stopped her, "Don't you think It's inappropriate to hold her hand in public?" Wearing a cold face, Arvin tried hard to press away Mark's hand. His eyes were full of hostility.

"Or are you having an affair with Belinda?" A series of aggressive questions hurt him inside. But he knew Mark wanted to get close to Belinda, and he couldn't allow him to do so.

"Arvin! What are you talking about? " Hearing what Arvin said, Belinda felt embarrassed and even angrier.

He just left her alone at the party. Now that he finally came, was he here to insult her and embarrass her?

"Arvin, you misunderstood me!" Upon hearing this, Mark's face twitched. He was unpleased with Arvin's accuse, but soon his displeasure was gone. "I just think your attitude towards her is a bit too much," he said

Mark smiled lightly, and with a few words, he turned the topics and everyone's attention to Arvin.

Wearing a sullen face, Arvin gave a sharp glance at the calm expression on Mark's face, then he grabbed Belinda's hand and said, "It's none of your business!"

With that, she grabbed Belinda's hand and took her away.

Pulled by his great strength, Belinda could not break free from his grip. She had to wave her hand to say goodbye to Mark awkwardly.

With an almost invisible smile on the corner of his mouth, he nodded at her. Seeing the couple disappear from the garden, the smile on his face instantly disappeared.


As there was no one in the back hall, Arvin shook off his hand.

"What on earth do you want?" Suddenly Belinda was released. She rubbed her aching wrist and asked him coldly.

"Mr. Xue, it's you who asked me to come here. But now you blame me for talking with other man. It's such a big party. Do you want me to enjoy myself by being alone?"

Belinda was angry at such an unreaso

nable request. How could he come up with such an unreasonable request? It was he who had broken his promise first!

"Yes, I asked you to come here, but I didn't allow you to hook up with other men!" Arvin glared at her, his face gloomy. She was talking and laughing with Charlie. He had never seen her being so relaxed and happy before.

"Arvin, are you sure? Did they only allow the officials to set fire while the common people to burn lights! Did I say anything when you work late at night with other women? What did I say when you were fighting with other women in bed? Why are you here now? "

Retorted Belinda harshly. She could no longer bear the overbearing behavior of Arvin. It was so hard to have someone to talk to her at the banquet. It was just a simple chat, but he should say that she hooked up with other men?

This is so rude!

"Bang!" He threw a punch at the wall beside her head violently. The white wall was hit hard by him for a while. Belinda closed her eyes slightly and looked sideways. Blood ran down the wall.

"Belinda, you are such a heartless woman!" Arvin said in a cold tone and tried to kill her. If there were not so many guests outside, he really wanted to give her a good beat.

"Are you trying to scare me by punching the wall? Don't forget that I once worked in a martial arts hall. The least thing I'm afraid of is fists! "

Said Belinda, pretending to be calm. She didn't want to show her weakness in front of Arvin, otherwise she would be led by the nose without any freedom or dignity.

"Belinda! I warn you, stay away from that man. He is not a good man! " Arvin took a deep breath. Belinda always had the ability to make him angry in an instant, but at the same time, she could make him lose his temper in an instant. He couldn't do anything to her.

Taking his hand from the wall slowly, he warned her with sharp words.

Belinda took a deep breath and turned her head to look at the wall he smashed. The white wall was cracked by him with bright red blood on it. The strength was so great!

'Mr. Xue is really a tough guy, ' she thought! However Why did he say that Mark was not a good man? Belinda felt very confused in her heart. At least in her eyes, Arvin was more dangerous than Mark!


At the banquet, Lily wore sexy and enchanting clothes, attracting the men's attention. She smiled at them and refused politely, looking for Arvin hurriedly.

With a cold face, Arvin came out of the back room, with a horrible look in his eyes. Seeing him, Lily was so excited that she ran to him.

'Attending such a party will be boring if I lose an important partner like Arvin.' she thought.

"Arvin, where the hell have you been? I'm looking for you. " Lily intimately held Arvin's arm, but when she saw his bleeding hand, she couldn't help screaming, "What happened to your hand?"

She looked at his hand worriedly, frowned and shouted at the attendants next to her, "Help! Mr. Xue gets injured!"

Her words drew everyone's attention. Mr. Xue was injured in the banquet of the Xue Family. A servant hurried over and took him to have his wound wrapped.

Everyone looked at Arvin with concern and wondered his relationship with Lily who was taking good care of him.

When Arvin raised his head, he saw Mark coming over with a smile on his face. Arvin's face darkened and he suddenly pulled Lily close to him, "Everyone, this is my girlfriend, Lily!"

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