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   Chapter 18 First Encounter

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All the eyes at the banquet were quickly attracted, and all the sounds of laughter and chatting suddenly stopped. Belinda frowned slightly, lost in thought.

She had heard about the Xue Family before she got married and she had never seen the young master before.

"My dear Mark, you are back!" It was Madame Xue who responded first and broke the silence. She walked over happily and held the man's hand excitedly.

"Cousin Mark!" Ellie greeted in a calm tone walking towards Mark Xue, and Belinda followed behind her.

Mark walked slowly to Madame Xue, nodded casually to her, and his eyes fell on Belinda who was standing next to Madame Xue.

His eyes were so deep and gentle that it was hard to figure out what he was thinking about. His face was somewhat similar to Arvin's. it was true that their temperament was exactly the opposite. Arvin was cold and domineering, but Mark Xue was warm and gentle with a kind of alienation.

"Mark, you're finally back! You've been in America for so long. Please spend more time with me this time. " Madame Xue said intimately. From the way Lily held her grandson's hand, she knew that the old lady had a special attitude towards him.

"Grandma, I have stayed in America for some learning. Now that I have come back, I won't leave!" Mark Xue moved his narrow eyes away from Belinda, with a big smile on his face.

"Good, good! I won't leave anymore. I will stay in China this time and expand the business of the Xue family! " Madame Xue seemed very happy about this news, with a smile spreading across her face. After they talked for a long time, she remembered Belinda who was standing beside her.

"This is Arvin's wife, Belinda Qin, your sister-in-law!"

"Hello." Belinda greeted, stretching out her hand.

He looked into her eyes, smiled gently and shook hands with her. His eyes were tender, with a bit of charm. He was looking at her with a gentle smile. Belinda looked away quickly under his gaze, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Madam, the kitchen is ready. We can start!" A servant came over and said.

"Arvin hasn't come yet!" Madame Xue said angrily. How could he be late on such an important occasion!

"Never mind. let's get started." Madame Xue told the servant that the banquet was about to begin. The cooks served the delicious food they had prepared on the table.

Madame Xue walked slowly to the center of the stage. A servant handed a microphone to her. "Ladies and gentlemen, it's my great honor to welcome you to the banquet."

Then she nodded to everyone. And the audience clapped their hands thunderously in the living room. Then, the old lady raised her hand to calm them down, and said.

"Today I summoned you all, because I want to introduce a person, my grandson, to you."

SUSE Xue slowly stepped on the stage and bowed to everyone. Wearing a decent suit, she looked like a successful person with extraordinary temperament.

On the stage, Mark thanked the guests and then said a few simple polite words to them. Belinda looked at him quietly. All the people present were attracted by him, and even some young and beautiful women showed admiration in their eyes.

"Is he the mysterious man you are talking about?" Belinda asked in disbelief. She couldn't believe that the news that Mark Xue came back would attract so much attention?

She took a glass of red wine from a waiter passing by and drank it up.

"Isn't it a big deal? The company has been well managed by Arvin for many years. Now that Mark is back, who would finally take charge of the Xue Family's company? "

Ellie was quite concerned about the future of this family. As for Mark, she didn't bond with him as she did with Arvin.

"That's Arvin's business. It has nothing to do with me." Belinda said in a calm tone. She didn't care who would be in charge of the Xue Family's company. It had nothing to do with her. Why did she come here alone to embarrass herself?

"Arvin invited me to come here, but he didn't even show up. He just wanted to embarrass me!"

Putting down the wine glass, Mark was still talking with the guests on the stage. Bored, she turned around and walked to the garden to get some fresh air.

With a glass of champagne in his hand, he looked around the guests leisurely, but from time to time, his eyes swept over Belinda. Seeing that she had disappeared, he casually found an excuse to leave and went to the garden.

Looking at the crowd of people who were talking about her, Belinda felt lonely. Except Ellie, she didn't know any of them. She felt a little lonely standing in the garden alone.

"Ah!" Belinda turned around, and accidentally bumped into someone behind.

"I'm sorry!"

The red wine in her hands poured out and the man's white shirt was all stained red. She hurriedly took a piece of tissue from the table and helped him wipe the stains.

"It doesn't matter!" With a slight smile on his face, he held her hand. Belinda hurriedly withdrew her hand. Her eyes were blinking.

Her subconscious moves were clearly seen by him.

"I didn't see you behind me. I'm so sorry. " His expensive clothes were in a mess because of the red wine. She felt a little embarrassed and guilty.

"Are you blaming me for standing behind you without making a sound?" Mark acted casually and mused, which made her a little nervous, "I... I didn't mean that."

"It's just a shirt. I'll go change it!" Mark Xue's face was as gentle as a warm spring breeze. Seeing him so polite and generous, Belinda's uneasiness was dispelled.

"Go change your clothes first. You are the leading role today and all the people are watching you. Don't lose face." Belinda said in embarrassment.

"It doesn't matter. The clothes will be sent here soon." Mark didn't care about his stained shirt at all. He grabbed a glass of wine from the table and said, "I owe you a glass of wine."

He picked up a glass of red wine and handed it to Belinda, holding her hand tightly. "Take it well this time! Otherwise, I can't guarantee that I have extra clothes to change. "

His joke caused Belinda to smile slightly. She lowered her head, a little embarrassed and said "I didn't expect Arvin to have a funny brother like you. Don't worry, I'll definitely do it well this time."

Belinda raised her glass with a smile and drank it up.

Mark looked at Belinda's every move in silence. His eyes became deeper and deeper.

She was the woman who had married Arvin. It seemed that she was not that hard to deal with?

His humor and demeanor dispelled the embarrassment and uneasiness in the atmosphere. In the beautiful garden, they chatted, laughed, and quickly became familiar.

"Belinda Qin!" A sharp and angry voice suddenly sounded from behind. The smile on Belinda's face suddenly froze. She was really familiar with this voice!

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