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   Chapter 17 The Other Young Master Xue

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"Vicious woman!" With a vehement look in his eyes, Arvin stood up slowly and approached her. Under the light, his tall figure completely covered her body, which looked quite aggressive.

Belinda raised her head and glanced at Arvin indifferently, "We are comparable. Don't overstate me! " As she mused, she deliberately ignored Arvin's furious eyes which was staring at her.

Arvin shot her a blaming look, saying "Belinda, do you know what you are doing?" When he saw her indifferent expression, he suddenly smiled with an unreadable expression in his eyes.

"Or, do you know how you will die?" He held her chin between his fingers and warned her with hostility.

"How?" She blinked her beautiful clear eyes and grinned.

"You will be thrown into the crowd of men one day!" Seeing her smile, Arvin let go of her and prepared to leave.

Belinda felt hurt by his tight grip. A hint of disappointment flashed through her eyes. "Mr. Xue, don't work so late next time. If possible, please choose to sleep outside!"

Her slender hand waved leisurely and her tone was full of obvious ridicule.

Wearing a dark face, Arvin suddenly stopped and stared at Belinda with a frightening look in his eyes, "There will be a party tomorrow in Madame Xue's house. Don't be absent! Belinda, it's necessary for me to tell you. Behave yourself! "

With anger mounting up in his chest, Arvin gave her a disdainful glance, turned around and left!

The bedroom door was slammed by him. Seeing that he left, Belinda relaxed and quickly locked the door from the inside.

How could she be so careless as to forget to close the door? Although Arvin didn't come back very often

She had never expected that Arvin would rush in to disturb her one day? Belinda thought to herself. After tossing and turning a few times, she fell asleep again!

Belinda was awakened by the sound of a phone call. In a trance, she took the phone and listened, "Belinda, did my cousin tell you about the party in Madame Xue's house? You should come here earlier today. "

Ellie said excitedly. But Belinda was not interested in it at all.

"Is there anything important?" Squinting her eyes, Belinda said weakly. Although Arvin invited her, she didn't want to go at all.

"Yes, it's an important party. We have invited not only relatives and friends of the Xue Family, but also political and commercial celebrities, so you must attend as Arvin's wife."

Ellie explained to her excitedly. Belinda could tell from her tone that she was looking forward to the party.

"Is there anything important for you to invite so many influential people?" Belinda still couldn't be moved by Ellie's excitement.

"Of course. I'd like to let you know in advance that an important person wants to come here. You will know as soon as you come!" Ellie said mysteriously. She didn't want to tell Belinda the details.

"Well, I don't have time to talk with you anymore. Come here early. I'll wait for you!" It seemed that something happened on the other end of the phone, and Ellie hung up the phone in a hurry.

Belinda lay on the bed, thinking of what Ellie told her. It should be an important party, or else Arvin wouldn't come here especially at night. Thinking of this, Belinda rushed to get up and dressed herself up with Sophie's help.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She was

dressed in a beautiful dress. Her body was curvy and her long legs were as slender as jade, which made Sophie's eyes fixed on her.

As Arvin had stated, it was indeed her responsibility to behave well in front of the public since she was still married to him.

"Miss Belinda, Madame Xue called to urge us. We shall go now!" Sophie came to urge her.

"Okay!" Belinda replied and left the room.


Seeing rows of fancy cars parking outside Madame Xue's mansion, Belinda pulled herself together and walked graciously into the house.

In the low-key and luxurious living room of the old house, many distinguished guests were invited. Handsome men and women gathered together to drink and chat.

"Mrs. Xue, this way please." A familiar servant led her in. Belinda looked around in the crowd, but saw no familiar face.

"Hasn't Arvin arrived yet?" Belinda turned around and asked. In fact, Arvin wasn't at the party.

"Mr. Xue said he would come here later."

Belinda nodded, walked through the crowd to the back hall.

"Belinda!" Seeing her coming, Ellie greeted her from afar. "Here you are!"

She greeted warmly and took Belinda to the back room to have a rest.

"You look gorgeous, Belinda!" Ellie looked at Belinda from head to toe and couldn't help giving an appreciation.

"Thank you." Belinda was a little embarrassed by her direct praise. "What's so important? Is it necessary to hold such a grand party? " Belinda asked curiously.

"Hi, Belinda." Madame Xue stood outside the door.

"Grandma!" Belinda went to say hello, looking very lovely. No matter what kind of relationship she had with Arvin, at least she had to keep peace with his grandma.

"Where is Arvin? He didn't come with you? " She took Belinda's hand and looked around the back hall.

At the thought of this, Ellie couldn't help but loosen her tongue. "Cousin, I don't know if he will come or not? Last time he also... "

"Ellie!" Of course, Belinda knew that she was going to tell her grandma about the product launch conference. So she immediately stopped her and said, "Grandma, he might be a little busy and would come here later."

She forced a smile and tried to lie for him. After all, if grandma knew that she almost divorced Arvin, she would also be blamed.

"What important thing is he up to? Anyway, he still can't be excused for making you come alone!" Madame Xue pointed his watch stick on the floor angrily, grumbling about Arvin's carelessness of his wife.

"Grandma is right. My cousin has behaved willfully recently! You must give him a good lesson when he comes here! " Ellie said with a smile.

Looking at her little trick, Belinda winked at her, but she ignored it. Last time, he would rather take Lily's side than speak for her!

This time she was going to tell on him in front of Madame Xue!

"Young Master Xue is coming!"

Just then, a servant outside came to report happily, and everyone's attention was drawn towards her direction.

A man in a beige Armani Limited Edition business suit walked in slowly. The warm sunshine shone on him, making him look bright. His slim figure somehow let out a flippant air.

With his back to the sun, he slowly walked in. Belinda couldn't see his face clearly, but she knew clearly that the man was not Arvin.

'The housemaid just called him Young Master Xue. Was he?

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