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   Chapter 16 Husband's Rights

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Hearing that, Ellie had to keep silent. When she arrived at Xue's mansion, Belinda had already dressed up, and was waiting for her.

"Belinda? What are you doing? " With a smile on her face, Belinda looked very fresh. She was dressed in handsome sportswear and wore a light yellow casual cap. She didn't look like someone who had been frustrated at all.

"Belinda, are you really okay? Or are you pretending to be so? " Ellie looked at her with concern. She couldn't believe that after seeing her husband was intimate with another woman, she could still stay calm. If Arvin was her husband, she must have become lunatic. She couldn't help but feel a little weird.

"Ellie, what do you like?" Belinda cut in and asked seriously.

"Why?" Ellie was completely perplexed by her question.

"Thanks to you, my life in Xue Family wasn't as boring as it used to be. Additionally, you defended me last time, so I want to return your favor." Then, she pulled Ellie out of the mansion.

"You drive. Let's go anywhere you like." Belinda fastened her seat belt.

She stared at Belinda in disbelief and stammered, "Belinda, please don't scare me!" Her face was as pale as a ghost. She guessed, 'Is it likely that she wants to buy me gifts before she leaves the family?'

Ellie was frightened by her own thoughts!

"This time will be my treat!" After saying that, Belinda waved the black card in her hand and said, "Don't worry. Someone will pay the bill for us!"

Ellie grabbed the card in astonishment, with her mouth widely open.

"Belinda, where did you get this card? I have always wanted to get it but failed. You are so unbelievable! Even wealthy people can't get this card easily. And you get it! "

Ellie turned and looked it over and over again. She admired Belinda so much.

"Really?" She wasn't sure whether this card would work or not and whether Arvin had lied to her or not.

"Of course!" Ellie said happily, "just sit well! Now, I'm taking you to a new place! " As soon as she finished speaking, she stepped on the gas. The car suddenly went off like an arrow. Belinda seized her seat belt with both hands.

She knew that Ellie would definitely help her to test the charm of this card.

As expected, their car was parked in the parking lot of a high-end shopping mall. Ellie excitedly pulled Belinda's hand and glanced around.

Sitting in his office, Arvin's phone kept ringing. He frowned and grabbed it. A list of messages with impressive numbers quickly danced into his eyes. The woman was squandering his money.

His face suddenly became cloudy as his eyes quickly caught the numbers. He couldn't help but wonder if that woman had already set him up.

After thinking for a while, he slowly dialed a number on his phone.

Standing in the mall, Belinda felt a little helpless when she saw that Ellie was going to buy things crazily. Fortunately, she had helped her confirm that this credit card was useful and the consumption power seemed to be great.

And that was enough! She didn't even care whether its owner was happy or not? Belinda smiled and her phone rang.

Arvin? Seeing Arvin's number on the screen, she frowned. She rolled her eyes and put the phone in her bag without second thought.

After hearing the beeping on the other end of the phon

e, Arvin threw the phone on the table. What a cunning woman she is!


After shopping with Ellie for the whole day, Belinda went to bed early. She didn't hear the sound of Arvin opening the door and came into her room.

He turned on the light, only to see the woman in sound sleep who was wrapped in a quilt. His heart flared up. How come she could be so careless! He had been busy entertaining his clients, and now she was enjoying her dreams.

"Belinda Qin!"

Arvin came to the bedside and pulled her up.

"Your husband haven't come back yet. How could you sleep well?" Arvin looked at her coldly.

Belinda waved her fist toward the face of Arvin. And Arvin quickly blocked her attack in the air.

"What do you want to do? Murder your husband? "

His tone was even colder, with a bit of aggressiveness, and his eyes swept sharply at her.

"You disturbed my sweet dreams. Shouldn't you be in the hell?" Belinda was wide awake and couldn't fall asleep because of Arvin's aggressive words.

She cast a glimpse at her watch and wondered, ' It was late. Why did he come to me at this time? Is he here to bother me deliberately?'?

Belinda looked up at him and wanted to withdraw her hand, but she found that she could not move.

"What do you want? Mr. Xue! " Belinda glared at him, feeling him a bit strange.

"Your man worked till midnight and you was sleeping like a cat. Belinda, do you need me to teach you how to be a wife ?" Arvin shook off her hand fiercely. He didn't know why he felt upset when he saw her extreme carelessness of him.

"Work? Who knows which woman's bed you are working for in? Or the woman named Lily? "

Belinda rubbed her aching wrist and teased him expressionlessly. As for the nonsense he said, she didn't care at all.

In this day and age, how come he still demands his wife to obey him!

What an antique! Belinda thought to herself and gave him a quick glance.

"Do you want to check if I have slept with other women?" Arvin squinted his sophisticated eyes and pressed his hands on hers heavily.

Belinda only felt that the bed sank heavily and they looked into each other's eyes. For a moment, Belinda's mind became empty.

"How about this?" Arvin's cold face was very close to her ear, and his magnetic voice with great temptation echoed in her ears.

At this moment, Belinda naturally knew what he meant. Her face turned red and she turned her head away from his stare.

"Get out!" Such an intimate position really made her feel embarrassed.

Seeing her blushing face, Arvin smiled and said in a low voice, "We are legally and physically husband and wife! " He had a heavy accent on the word "physically" and his voice was flirtatious.

Arvin showed his intention by raising his eyebrows.

"So you don't want to get out?" Belinda turned around and suddenly lifted her foot to kick at Arvin's crotch.

She pulled her leg towards the vital parts of his body with all her strength quickly. Arvin reacted quickly and rolled into the bed immediately.

"Belinda Qin!" Arvin's face darkened and he glared at Belinda angrily. What a vicious woman!

"Let me correct you. Mr. Xue, This is how a woman murders her husband. That punch was just a small warning." Belinda adjusted her position and stared at him calmly.

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