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   Chapter 15 Fight Over Divorce

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Belinda suddenly raised her head and looked at him with her clear eyes. She said seriously, "I know that I don't have any relationship with you. There is nothing but an engagement between us. You have the one you love."

Belinda lowered her head and her clear eyes sparkled with disappointment and pain. She thought she could change his mind little by little as time went by, but

Belinda took a deep breath and forced a bitter smile. She was wrong, completely wrong!

"As you wish! I want a divorce! " Belinda said, pushing the previously prepared divorce agreement toward him.

"Have a look. If there is no problem, sign it. As for grandma, I'll find a way to explain it, or hide it from her temporarily. "

Belinda said slowly as if something came to her mind. She had always been grateful to Madame Xue. If she hadn't been taking care of her all the time, she might have had a difficult time in the Xue Family.

Belinda thought silently and handed a pen to Arvin.

Arvin glanced coldly at the divorce agreement and looked up at her deeply, "Belinda, who do you think I am? You can get married and then get divorced as you wish? " His voice had never been so cold and aggressive, which startled Belinda.

Was he angry? 'or rejecting?

"Isn't this what you want? Lily is your favorite woman. Why do you force us to be together? " Belinda asked in amazement, with a hint of relief in her tone. She was willing to give him and Lily a happy ending, even if it was a divorce.

"Belinda, you didn't understand what I said, did you? Or is there something wrong with your brain? " Arvin tore the divorce agreement apart with all his strength and roared at her angrily. Belinda felt her eardrum was impacted by his loud voice.

She raised her eyes, trying to suppress her anger, "That's enough! Arvin, you were the one who wanted to have sex with other women, and you were the one who tried to hook up with other women in front of me. Now I want to fulfill your dream and divorce you, why don't you agree? You are the one who has a brain damage! "

Being shouted at by Arvin for no reason, Belinda's anger, which had been accumulated in the bottom of her heart for a day, finally broke out. She shouted at Arvin without mercy.

Thinking of how she was framed by Lily in front of so many people today, and then how Arvin was defending that woman, her mood fell to the bottom.

"Belinda, stop being so kind! I don't need your help! " Then he stood up suddenly and looked very imposing. He was one head taller than Belinda. He bent over and fixed his eyes on Belinda's delicate white face, "I don't need a woman to help me do anything. It's none of your business to decide which woman I like and which woman I sleep with!"

His sharp eyes glared at her, and his warm breath blew on her face, making her absent-minded for a moment.

"Arvin, what do you mean?" Under great pressure, Belinda glared at him fiercely. She pushed him away with all her strength and took a deep breath.

"The rule should always be that I make decisions for women. And there's no reason for a woman to kick me away on her own initiative. Do you understand, Belinda?"

Arvin stepped back, straightened his tie and said impatiently, "if that's why you came to me, then there is no need to talk about it anymore!"

Then he turned around and went upstairs.

Belinda was baffled by Arvin's unexp

ected response.

"Arvin! What on earth do you want? Why do you have to tie up with me since you don't like me? " Belinda said angrily.

Arvin stopped without looking back, "Belinda, it's none of your business who I like!"

She felt a sense of chill in her bones. Arvin slowly turned around and dropped a black card on the table. "And, from now on, don't try to look for a job for yourself and cause me any trouble or disgrace!"

After saying that, he turned around without looking back, with Belinda standing there at a loss.

She bid down on the lip and kept silent for a while. Just as Arvin was about to disappear at the corner of the stairs, she suddenly raised her stubborn face, "Since you insist, my obedience is much better than politeness! If only you treated me better, there would be nothing unhappy between us! " After that, Belinda picked up the black card on the ground indifferently, and went upstairs with her suitcase.

"Belinda, I despise you!" The indifference in her tone made Arvin flare up. He looked at her with sharp eyes.

He didn't know why, but when he saw her countless times irritating his anger, pretending not to care, the anger in his heart was inexplicable and had nowhere to vent!

"You have given me a hard time, but I can take it as a praise," Belinda said indifferently. She gave Arvin a smile and disappeared quickly.

It was not until Belinda closed the door of her room that Arvin turned around and went downstairs sullenly. He picked up the divorce agreement from the ground again. It said that Belinda left the house without taking anything from the family. He clutched the agreement into a ball with his hands tightly.

He was a little confused by this woman.


Next day, the news that Lily was assaulted in the product launch event was widely spread by all sorts of media. Meanwhile, it was mixed with various curses towards Belinda and Ellie, and various pieces of unfair comments were published. Of course, it was also about the restoration of love between Arvin and Lily.

Belinda kept looking over her iPad for a while and put it aside restlessly.

At this time, the cell phone on the bed rang. Belinda picked it up and saw it was Ellie!


"Belinda, have you seen the news online? This is outrageous! Those fans even scolded us indiscriminately! " On the other end of the line, Ellie bombarded the phone with loud noisy grumblings. Belinda had already held the phone far away, and she could still hear her words clearly.

"This shameless woman actually was orientating the public opinion..." Ellie continued to shout, as if she was venting her anger.

"Hey Hey long? Calm down. Don't bother yourself with someone you can't see. Since the public believed we have attacked Lily on purpose. We might as well accept it. There is no need to argue about it anymore.

After several days of getting along with her, Belinda had almost figured out what kind of person she was. She knew that Ellie wasn't always reliable, but she was really upright and would never do anything improper.

"Belinda Qin? are you all right? Arvin treated you like that yesterday? " Ellie calmed and asked with worry. After all, she was Arvin's real wife, but he spoke for another woman in front of her.

Hearing Ellie's concerned tone, Belinda sensed a sparkle in her mind. "Ellie, I'll take you to an interesting place!"

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