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   Chapter 13 Utter The Truth

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She was about to say something when a large number of fans flooded in.

"Lily! Lily! "

"Lily! I love you! "

Crazy fans rushed in. Belinda had no choice but to follow the crowd into the conference hall.

Under the protection of bodyguards, Lily was escorted into the venue. She became the focus of the crowd, and the flashlights illuminated her face from time to time.

"Ellie, Ellie!" Belinda was forced to let go of Ellie's hand by the moving crowd, calling for her name in a low voice.

"Belinda! Belinda! I'm here! " Ellie waved at her over the crowd, demanding her to put on her sunglasses.

She squatted down, put on her sunglasses and retreated to the edge of the crowd.

Lily was kept busy by reporters who wanted answers and fans who wanted her signatures. With all eyes on her, she seemed like a bright star. Belinda took no interest in entertainment, and almost fell asleep at the backstage.

"Let's get out of here!" Belinda said impatiently. Finally, the press conference was about to come to an end. She simply couldn't stand a minute of it.

"There's no need to stay here. The enemy is beyond our reach, and our plan is of no avail." She said with some depression. Thinking of Arvin's intimate attitude towards Lily, she felt a little helpless and bitter. The first lover was naturally more superior to a wife in name.

Being tormented by her frustration, Ellie was helpless and had to take her by the arm to leave.


A sharp voice stopped both of them.

None of them noticed when Lily had already stood behind them.

Both Ellie and Belinda were shocked to see her pushing forward step by step. With the sound of high heels knocking on the floor, the atmosphere was soon intensified.

"Have you found anything interesting about me? Why are you leaving so soon? " Lily grinned and took off their sunglasses quietly.

"We happened to pass by!" Ellie responded, looking at Lily's complacent and proud face.

"Did I ask you? Belinda... Just passed by? " Lily laughed scornfully.

"Lily, don't overreact!" Seeing her arrogance, Ellie was immediately irritated and reached out her hand, trying to stop her from stepping forward again.

"Go away! This is between Belinda and me. None of your business." With no reporters, no fans, of course, no Arvin being here, all of a sudden, Lily became as cruel as an angry tiger, ignoring Ellie's resistance and pushing her aside with all her strength.

"Don't hurt Ellie!" Seeing that Ellie was staggering, Belinda tried her best to push off Lily.

Lily retreated and fell to the ground, "What have you done?" All of a sudden, they were completely surrounded by a crowd of reporters and photographers.

"Miss Lily, are you okay?" The sponsor came to help her up, staring at Belinda and Ellie and asked "Where did you come from?"

"Never mind. I'm fine. They just came to inquire about some private information and pushed me down. "

Lily stood up with her body trembling, pointing at Belinda and Ellie.

"Are you all right?" Belinda walked up to Ellie and

asked with concern, ignoring the reproach and flashlights around her.

"This is unbearable! Not only did you disturbed the event, but also you have hurt Miss Lily. You're so crazy! "

"Yeah, yeah, kick them out!"

At this moment, Lily's fans also arrived and blamed them.

Belinda kept silent and looked at Lily with sharp eyes. She was abnormally calm. Hearing people's slander, Ellie was unable to hold her temper. She scolded Lily and her fans, "She is lying! She pushed me first. Belinda was irritated and pushed her slightly. She sat on the ground by herself. "

While Ellie was explaining to the audience anxiously, Lily looked at her with a triumphant smile.

"So her name is Belinda? Who are you? "

"It turned out that she really pushed Lily?"

All of a sudden, all the fans pinned their eyes on them. Ellie was furious and wanted to make a comment, but she was stopped by Belinda.

"Leave them alone. Justice exists in hearts that see the truth."

"What a cruel woman! Let's find out who she is and expose it to the public!"

Someone in the crowd threw a pile of fruits at Belinda.

"Alas!" Ellie shouted angrily, trying to stop the absurd fans. But before she could take the lead, people around her followed suit, throwing all kinds of vegetables and waste toward them!

Her body was covered with various rubbish. She glared at the fans who had been confused by the lie and lost their mind.

The situation was completely out of Ellie's expectation. She was in a panic, covered her head with her hand. Suddenly, an apple was thrown on her head violently.

"Stop! All of you stop!" Belinda couldn't stand it anymore. She grabbed wickedly Lily's arm and threatened, "if you don't let them stop, I will break your arm first."

Her eyes became furious and her face turned gloomy, as she forced upon Lily a sense of tension.

Feeling great pain in her wrist, and seeing Belinda's red eyes, Lily was scared.

"What... What do you want?"

"How dare she to treat Lily like this!"

Numerous flashlights were shooting towards them. Belinda turned her head and glared at the journalists. They immediately put down their cameras.

"You are the one who starts this fight first. I want you to tell them the truth! I want justice for me and Ellie! " Belinda said seriously. What she hated most in her life was being wronged and Lily slandered her in the public.

"It is you..." Lily's face turned pale, with beads of sweat on her forehead. She was more devastated than death to admit her slander in front of so many journalists and fans.

The truth would definitely ruin her reputation and career.

"You don't want to tell the truth?" Belinda increased her strength unconsciously. She had never been framed like this. Today, she must seek justice for herself!


An angry growl was heard!

All eyes were drawn by the man in black suit, who strode over and pressed Belinda's hand.

There was a fire burning in Arvin's eyes. Belinda stared at him with innocent eyes, not willing to be pressed down by him.

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