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   Chapter 12 Know Your Enemy

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The aggressive eyes and challenging tone of Lily stunned Ellie at the moment. She had seen shameless people, but she had never seen such a shameless one. She quickly turned back and pushed Lily aside.

"What do you want?" Ellie looked at her warily.

Lily grinned with contempt and was about to take back her hand, but Belinda grabbed her hand unexpectedly.

"Hello, I'm Belinda Qin. I'm Arvin Xue's wife!" She strengthened her hand which was seizing Lily. Lily's hand ached but she wasn't about to show her weakness.

"This is my real cousin-in-law!" Lily's face turned pale with anger. Ellie could not help laughing complacently.

Lily struggled to pull her hand back and glanced at the two people with fierce anger. Then she turned around and walked to Arvin. "Darling, let's go."

There was no expression on Arvin's face. He glanced at Belinda over the air, his eyes escaping from her stare.

Belinda seemed to have no intention to stop him, looking at him indifferently but also firmly. Under the light, her eyes shone like stars.

Arvin was a little distracted, and their eyes met in the air. Lily couldn't bear to see it, so she quickly slid her arm into Arvin's.

"Honey, we must hurry up!"

After saying that, she pulled Arvin away hastily.

Looking at their intimacy, an unnoticeable disappointment flashed through Belinda's eyes. Her face went deathly pale.

"Arvin has gone too far! I will report this to grandma! "

Ellie stamped her feet with anger.

Belinda came to herself and said with a casual expression, "You don't understand. Only attractive men can cause competition among women. It is competition that enriches our life."

Belinda warmly held Ellie's arm and walked out of the shopping mall happily.

In the black Cayenne, Arvin skillfully controlled the steering wheel and was absent-minded. He didn't know why he couldn't concentrate at all for a second due to Belinda's glance just now.

"Arvin, will you be my guest to the product launch conference? " Lily asked as she inspecting her well-trimmed fingernails.

As a spokesman of the product, Lily thought it would be wonderful if she could invite influential people like Arvin to the launch event. At least, it would add to her weight in the show business. She looked at him expectantly, longing for his response.

"Arvin, are you listening?" Lily lost her patience after waiting for several seconds. Apparently, Arvin was thinking over something else. She waved her hand in front of his eyes trying to draw his attention.

"It depends." Regaining his composure, Arvin responded without much interest.

A hint of disappointment flashed across Lily's face. She looked gloomy, and her long nails pinched into flesh. Did he really fall in love with that ordinary woman?

Outside the building of the entertainment company, Lily waved goodbye to Arvin with a smile and watched his car disappear.

Her smile froze in an instant. She took out her phone angrily, "I want you to investigate a person, Belinda Qin. I want all her information!"


Ever since she had an argument with Arvin last time, he had been busier. She hadn't seen him for days on end.

Belinda wasn't worried about this. At least, the less she saw Arvin, the fewer troubles she would have. But Ellie didn't think so.

"Arvin must have been confused by the bitch and lost his mind " When Ellie knew that Arvin didn't

come back home for a few days, she couldn't help but get angry!

Her loud anger and criticism echoed in the spacious living room. Belinda could not help but cover her ears with her hands. "Take it easy. It's none of your business!"

She had no choice but to hug the pillow on the sofa for comfort.

"Belinda Qin? Why don't you have any sense of crisis? " With a disappointed expression on her face, Ellie dragged Belinda out of the sofa.

"Don't you know what kind of person Lily is? She was a goddess for hundreds of men. And you? "

She looked at Belinda and rolled her eyes.

"What are you?" Belinda was a little uncomfortable by her contempt. At least she was a sound healthy person. How could she become so useless in the Xue Family?

"You are such a foolish woman!"

Eyes wide open, Belinda couldn't calm herself down any more. "How dare you call me that?"

Being despised out of no reason, Belinda felt quite unfair.

After all, she used to be a popular flower in the martial arts club! Why did she become a fool in the Xue Family?

"We should know both ourselves and our enemies before we can fight a hundred battles and win them all! I'll take you to know your enemy! " She quickly dressed up and took Belinda out of the mansion.

The car stopped steadily near a commercial building. Belinda felt sick as her stomach twitched.

"Oh God, the food is going to be shaken out of my body! When did you get your driving license? "

Sitting on a roaring car, Belinda felt she was just having a narrow escape from death! Now she still felt dizzy and didn't want to move at all.

"Yesterday! What's wrong? "

Ellie loosened her seatbelt and said casually, "Actually, I've only practiced for a month and bribed a coach to get my license." She said as she undid the safety belt for Belinda.

If she had confidence in her own driving skill, how could she fastened the seat belt for Belinda as soon as they got on the car!

"What?" Before Belinda yelled out, she was already pulled out of the car by Ellie.

"Here we are!"

As she spoke, she passed her a pair of sunglasses.


As Belinda took the sunglasses from her, she saw a large poster with Lily's picture on it. According to the poster, a product launch even was held here.

Belinda soon came to her senses, and she turned around intending to leave.

"Hey! Don't leave! " Seeing that Belinda was about to leave, Ellie hurried forward and stopped her nervously.

"It has nothing to do with me." She hadn't even known this woman Lily very much. At the moment, Lily on the poster was smiling brightly at her, which rendered her quite uncomfortable.

I don't want to stay here for even a second!

"Listen to me, Belinda. A press conference would be held for Lily tonight. There must be a lot of news reporters interviewing her publicly. We will secretly observe her, so that we can dig into her things. In this way, we can kill two birds with one stone. What do you think? "

Ellie grasped her hand and tried to persuade her. She added, "Well, why do you think I need to wear sunglasses?" She tried her best to cheer Belinda up.

"But..." Belinda couldn't make up her mind. She thought she was an open and honest woman. Since she was Arvin's true and only wife, why would she do such a furtive thing?

She was reluctant.

"No more shilly-shally!" Ellie pulled her into the conference hall.

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