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   Chapter 9 Surprise

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Belinda looked at the girl vigilantly. When she realized that she wasn't meaning to attack her, she calmed down.

"Who are you? Why did you come to my room in the dark? " Belinda snapped. The girl in front of her was nothing more than a naughty high school student. She couldn't pose a threat to her.

"Humph! Who am I? I am your auntie. If I don't tell you, what can you do to me? "

The girl shouted as she put her hands on her waist. She looked furious. It seemed that she had never been kicked by anyone before!

"Well, if you don't tell me your name, I'll regard you as a thief and throw you out of here!" Belinda rolled up her sleeves and seized the chance to get close to the girl who was not honest or polite.

"What... What are you doing? Help! " The girl was scared, shouting in panic when she saw Belinda was getting serious. She immediately covered her face with hands.

"What's up?" Hearing the cries, the servant ran upstairs in a hurry.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Xue." Seeing the two people fighting, the servant quickly stepped forward to separate them. "Miss Ellie, how... how did you come in?"

The maid was so surprised that she could not close her mouth, not knowing what was going on. The Xue's mansion was heavily guarded and hardly nobody can get in without permission. Unless

"Do you know her?" "Who the hell is she?" Belinda let go of the girl. "She sneaked into my room in the middle of the night! " Frightened the girl with a threatening fist, she turned to the maid, Sophie.

"Humph!" The girl couldn't help stretching her neck and refused to give in.

"Miss Ellie, did you sneak out of Madame Xue's house again?" Sophie said anxiously. She took Ellie's hand and walked towards the door.

"You'd better go back now. If Madame Xue knows about it, she might scold you again," Sophie tried to push her out, but was stopped by Ellie.

"No, I won't go back. I feel bored staying there, so I came out to look for Arvin!" Ellie stared at her, unwilling to let her go.

Ellie? Older cousin?

Suddenly, a light bulb went off in Belinda's head. "You said Arvin is your cousin?"

"So what? Scared? You kicked me like an evil just now. I will tell Arvin when he comes back. At that time, you'll see how he will punish you! " She stretched her neck and looked very arrogant.

Belinda sneered and grinned. She couldn't help but want to disappoint her. "You wish! I'm not sure who he'll punish. "

"You!" Ellie tried to challenge Belinda again, but Sophie stopped her.

"Oh, dear Ellie, you'd better go back now. If Mr. Xue finds out, he will not let you stay here either." Sophie tried to convince Belinda patiently. Belinda had no choice but to flutter her eyes. She looked impatient.

"Ellie, right? I'm going to sleep. Could you please go out? " She then winked at Sophie, expecting her to take Ellie out.

"Let's go, my lady!" Sophie dragged her out.

"I won't leave! I'm here for you, Belinda. " Being pushed to the corner, Ellie quickly changed her attitude.

"Looking for me?"

"Yes, I'm here for you. I have something very important to tell you!" Ellie said seriously, "What? Are you still driving me out now? "

She looked at Belinda proudly.

She frowned and gave Belinda a suspicious look. "Sophie,

you may leave now."

Sophie left as Belinda ordered. Although Belinda hadn't met Ellie before, given Sophie's conversation with her, she quickly concluded that the girl named Ellie had a special status in the Xue Family.

"Well, what do you want from me at this late hour?" Belinda calmly sat on the bed and waved at Ellie to let her sit.

"Belinda Qin! Don't you really know or you pretend not to care? The news have spread across like wildfire, and you are still enjoying your life here? Hasn't my cousin left the house for a long time? "

She sat on the sofa and looked around the bedroom. "Gee. I'm right. Madame Xue foolishly expects you to give birth to a child and a half."

She looked at Belinda disappointedly, her eyes full of sympathy as if she was an abandoned wife.

"What news?" Belinda blushed with embarrassment. But what she said was true, so there was no need to conceal it.

"Look at yourself!" Ellie took out the entertainment newspaper of the M city and threw it to her.

Belinda took it with suspicion and glanced at the headline. Then she drew a conclusion quickly that Arvin had an affair!


What did it have to do with her? Even if they were a couple in name, his attitude towards her had completely shown he wanted nothing to do with her!

"Did you come here at night just to show me this?"

Holding the newspaper in her hand, Belinda was at a loss for words.

She put her foot down leisurely and looked at Belinda with her big eyes. "You don't care? He is your husband! The woman on the newspaper was named Lily! She was a famous model well known in M City. If it wasn't you, Arvin would have married her! "

Ellie was surprised and aggrieved. She didn't like Lily at all. If it weren't for her mischievous tricks, they would have been together a long time ago!

Therefore, compared with the malicious, picky Lily, Elli prefers Belinda to be her cousin in law, so She knew that his cousin shouldn't be with Lily!

"So what? It has nothing to do with me or you little girl! It's late. Why don't you stay at home and have a good sleep? Is it proper for a young lady to sneak out at this time? " Belinda put down the newspaper and asked.

"Hey, I'm for your own good! Nobody knows that my cousin is married now. Instead, people still think Arvin is in love with Lily. What good does it do to you? "

Belinda's indifference surprised Ellie. She stood up, not expecting such a result at all.

"This is Arvin's business, not yours." Belinda said with a smile. With humor, she made a "please" gesture to her, calmly turned around and went to bed.

"I didn't expect that you are such a coward," said Ellie, biting her lips! You even don't have the courage to confront the woman! "

Ellie left the room with anger.

In the darkness, Belinda's indifferent face changed a little. It didn't mean that she didn't care. What could she do even if she cared?

If it weren't for the engagement, she wouldn't have had any relationship with him.

The sound of opening the door made Belinda come back to reality. Before she could turn around, the bed sank down heavily.

"Can you stop, Ellie? Why are you still here?"

Belinda sat up angrily. Her tall and heavy body made her stunned.

Not Ellie?

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