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   Chapter 8 No Man Likes You

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Arvin stared at the smiling woman in the video and his eyes became deeper.

"How could she come back?" Seeing the woman's face clearly on the screen, Kerr's face changed. He looked a little nervous.

Lily had left them for a long time. Why did she come back at this moment?

"Since I'm already here, I should just rest assured. No matter why she came back, it won't affect me!" Arvin turned off the TV and put his hands on his knees, resuming their previous talk, "Keep an eye on him. Find out what he is up to."

"Yes, young master.!" Kerr nodded respectfully, turned around and left.

Ling, Ling Ling.

Suddenly, the phone on the sofa rang. It was an unfamiliar number of the city. Arvin frowned and answered it without hesitation.


On the other side of the line, there was a clear female voice, lazy and captivating.

"It's you?" Hearing the familiar voice, Arvin couldn't help but frown. The voice had been haunting him for a long time, but unfortunately Everything had changed, and she could do nothing about it.

He could not be more familiar with the voice, it was Lily, the most popular actress who showed up on the TV just now.

As for Arvin's surprise, it seemed that she had expected it. She smiled and asked, "What do you think? Mr. Xue, I want to see you. "

After so many years, she still believed herself very much. As for Arvin, he just said, "okay."

He slowly hung up the phone and drove away from the mansion.


In the nightclub, Lily, with her arms crossing around her chest, calmly shook a glass of wine in her hand. The red liquid flowing smoothly with her shakes.

Looking at the familiar license plate number, she smiled complacently and returned to her seat.

"Long time no see, Mr. Xue!" The moment Arvin opened the door, he saw Lily waving her hand to him and greeted with a sweet smile.

Arvin looked at her with a faint smile. Her gracious face and crimson lips was illuminated attractively by the light. Arvin greeted her by nodding his head.

"What? You don't look happy. " The passion of the woman was not as effective as expected. She looked a little disappointed and silently poured a glass of red wine for Arvin.

"What's up?" He got down to business.

"Arvin, I chose to come back because of you. I can't forget you. How about we get back together? "

Lily grasped his hand without hesitation and looked at him eagerly. If she hadn't broken up with Arvin for her career, they wouldn't be like this now.

"No way!" He withdrew his hand and put on an indifferent look, "We cannot turn time back."

"Why not?" Lily emotively asked, "After so many years, are you still blaming me for leaving you? I stayed abroad just for my career. Now I understand that I can't forget you. Arvin, can we be together again? "

Lily was excited, tears dropping down her delicate face on the table. She sobbed, wiped her tears with her hand and looked at him with her head up.

"Because I have someone else!" After thinking for a while, Arvin decided to tell her about Belinda.

"No way! You used to show no interest in other women. I

didn't even hear any news on your getting married to someone. How could you have another woman? You are lying to me, aren't you? "

Lily roared painfully, her eyes full of surprise and incredulity, trying to find an excuse on his face.

"I got married a few days ago. I haven't told anyone yet." Arvin said coolly without looking at her.

Lily couldn't believe it. Her strong body seemed to be drained. "Are you really married?"

She moved her lips and bit them hard. He got married? So what was the point for her to come back?

All hopes were dashed?

"It's not necessary to lie to you. It's arranged by my grandma." Arvin looked deep into her eyes and reiterated.

Her hands under the table clenched tightly. Her scarlet lips were bitten to bleed. No! How could he?

"If there's nothing else, I'll go first!" Lily remained silent at her seat. Arvin pulled off his chair and was ready to leave.

"Wait!" Yelxiang brothel suddenly regained her composure, "since grandma arranged the marriage for you, then you must haven't fallen in love with her. Give me a chance to compete fairly with her. Let me stand by your side! "

Holding Arvin's hand tightly, Lily pleaded. Now that the news of his marriage hasn't been spread, she still has a high chance to win back him.

"Arvin, let's start over, okay?"

Lily begged him in a humble voice. With his back to her, Arvin frowned. Suddenly, a figure flashed outside the door, and Arvin felt nervous.

"Lily, we are friends and that's all." Let bygones be bygones. " Arvin pulled her hands off his arm and walked out of the room quickly.

Lily lost its mind and almost fell to the ground. Seeing Arvin leave without hesitation, she felt both desperate and unwilling. Arvin could only be her husband. His legitimate wife could only be her!

He walked out of the box as fast as he could, but the mysterious figure had already disappeared.


Belinda had to settle down and stay at home because she had been frustrated a lot by looking for a job.

After the conflict last time, Arvin disappeared, and Belinda naturally did not want to ask for trouble.

That evening, Belinda went back to her bedroom after dinner. She squinted and lay on the bed under the moonlight without even turning on the light.

In the dark, a shadow was approaching her step by step. Feeling the unusual atmosphere, Belinda suddenly opened her eyes.

"Ah!" Belinda pulled her leg quickly and kicked the approaching man without much thinking.

The black figure fell on the ground and gave out a painful howl.

Belinda turned on the light quickly. A beautiful woman was sitting on the ground, screaming and glaring at her.

"Who, who are you? Why are you in my room? " Having been attacked for several times recently, Belinda became vigilant. She kept a distance from the woman and questioned her.

"Belinda! You are so cruel! No wonder Arvin doesn't like you! No man likes you! " The woman on the ground pointed at her angrily and rubbed her bum while sobbing.

She trembled and got up from the ground. Her eyes were glaring at Belinda with anger!

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