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   Chapter 6 Once And For All

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As Belinda shrieked and covered her eyes with her hands, Arvin seemed to display his penis more vigorously. Looking at her evasive eyes, he bent down and stared at her with interest.

"Belinda, I didn't expect that you are a born actress. I was kind enough to save you yesterday, but today you are here to cry for your virginity!"

Said Arvin in a contemptuous tone, and a disdainful breath was sprayed on Belinda's face. He turned her face towards him.

Then he lifted up her chin violently, forcing her to look right into his eyes. Belinda suddenly opened her eyes and stared at him fiercely when she heard what Arvin said in disdain. "Then you are totally wrong! I wasn't pretending to be a lady crying for her virginity. What I really want to say is that Mr. Arvin in bed is as good as the rumors say. You have defended your masculinity."

Belinda's clear eyes became excited. She removed Arvin's hand which was holding her chin. She gazed at his eyes, took the blanket on the bed and covered her naked body.

"Belinda! You! " Hearing what Belinda said, Arvin, who was confident in his authority, suddenly became gloomy and glared at her angrily. But as he soon realized that she was just pretending to be strong, he smiled again.

"Thank you for your compliment. I hope next time your luck will be as good as this time. Otherwise, You will deserve what you get! " Arvin's voice turned cold and indifferent suddenly. He put on his clothes quickly and stared at the woman who was wrapped up like a traditional Chinese rice-pudding.

"Don't think that you can do anything you want with Grandma's support. As a woman of the Xue Family, you should take care of yourself! Don't bring shame on the family! " Arvin dressed himself up quickly and warned the woman in bed before he left.

With her back to him, Belinda frowned and bit her lips. If the owner of the damn bar hadn't drugged her, she would never have gone to this man's bed! However The world had never prepared cure for regret!

Belinda turned back suddenly and said with a triumphant smile, "Mr. Xue, you don't need to worry about that. It's enough that you have tasted it once. I won't make trouble for you next time. Don't worry at all. "

Belinda grinned, her face as bright as a flower. Seeing her indifferent attitude, Arvin was angry and slammed the door and left.

This stupid woman was doomed! However His heart ached at the thought of her red face, her hot body and last night's romantic moments.

"Hey, escalate Belinda's guards. If ten people are not enough, one hundred will do! I don't believe that she can fight back one hundred people with her poor Kung Fu. God bless her! "

Wearing a sullen face, Arvin made a call to the assistant at the other end of the phone. He vented all his anger to him.


Belinda poked her head out of the room quietly. She didn't come out of Arvin's room until she made sure that he had left the house. She disappeared in the hallway in a blink of an eye.

She took a shower again and changed into clean clothes. Then she gloomily sat on the sofa and shook her head. She couldn't remember anything about last night!


When her phone rang, she took the phone and casually glanced at it. It was a message sent from the bank indicating she should pay her credit card bills as soon as possible. She took not money from Arvin ever since she married him. Otherwise, she would not take the risk to work as a dance girl in the bar. It was just that she

had not got paid.

"No, I still have to find a job. If I ask Arvin for money, he must tease me to sleep with him again!" Belinda's face froze. Lack of money was terrible.

Thinking of this, she stood up again and was ready to go out, but when she just opened the door, a row of guards looked at her seriously and trimly. She was suddenly stunned.

"Mrs. Xue!" The bodyguards spoke at the same time, as if they had discussed it before. Belinda was frightened for a while. When she looked from the door to the corridor, her heart was in a mess.

With countless bodyguards blocking her way, Belinda stood at the door and waited quietly. 'Arvin, you bastard!' Belinda cursed Arvin in her mind. Even if she had ten legs, she wouldn't be able to kick all the guards!

Belinda smiled awkwardly and waved at them. "You go on with your work..."' She ran back to her room like a tamed dog.

"Arvin, you bastard! Big bastard! " Belinda clenched her fists. How she wished she could rush out and fight him. But she couldn't leave the mansion and Arvin must have arrived at his office.

Belinda felt somewhat helpless.

The bright sun shone through the window and sparkled little light. All of a sudden, her eyes lit up!

She could have climbed on the wall and escaped through the window! Without hesitation, she quietly climbed down the tree outside the window and ran away before anyone noticed.

When Arvin was informed of Belinda's escape, he was so angry and worried that he couldn't help but shout at his phone, "Track her phone with GPS. Find where she is and send it to my phone right now." After giving his order, he rushed out of the office and jumped on the black Cayenne without hesitation.

Arvin's Cayenne stopped in a busy street. He stared ferociously at Belinda, who was walking in a brisk pace.

Having learned her lesson from last night, and bearing Arvin's threat in mind, Belinda became smarter and more practical. She didn't expect find a highly-paid job now. Walking out of the the Xue Family's mansion, she walked in high spirits, like a bird having escaped from the cage. She was not aware of the cold eyes not far away.

"Boss, do you need to hire someone?" Seeing recruiting ads put up by a shop, she walked in without hesitation and asked kindly.

The owner lifted his head and took a look at her. Belinda immediately walked up to him with a polite smile. She said, "Boss, I'm very capable. If you are lack of people here, you may let me try."

The man looked at her with a picky look. But Belinda insisted on bringing her to work. If she couldn't find a job to support herself, she would have no way out.

"You can help manage some trivial staff. The probation is one week. You'll come tomorrow. " The owner finally gave in to her enthusiasm.

When Arvin saw Belinda walking out of the restaurant happily, his face darkened. Feeling ashamed by the sign of the restaurant, he jumped out of the car and walked towards Belinda.

'This woman is really getting out of control. She is either a dancing girl in a bar, or a waiter in a restaurant! He sped up when he saw Belinda walking down a trail.

All of a sudden, a sneaking figure showed up following behind Belinda secretly. Arvin stopped abruptly to see the man's plot.

Belinda walked at a brisk pace across the street. Suddenly, the man covered her mouth and nose from behind. Before she could realize what happened and wanted to fight back, she had already lost her consciousness.

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