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   Chapter 4 Grandmother's Prestige

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Belinda rolled over to avoid the pieces of porcelain thrown at her by Arvin, and quickly kicked Arvin several times as soon as she got up.

Having no time to dodge Belinda's kicks, Arvin stumbled several steps back. But he was quickly enough to grab Belinda's swaying leg and pulled it back with great force. Belinda's long leg was straightened in the air. She tried her best to draw it back but failed.

Arvin smiled coldly and pushed Belinda with great strength. With no doubt, Belinda couldn't stand to her feet and fell over heavily after several stumbles. When Belinda turned over and stood up again, Arvin pushed her to the corner of the bar with a piece of sharply pointed porcelain in his hand.

Arvin pressed himself on Belinda's body holding a sharp weapon. As a result, Belinda could do nothing but surrender, standing there motionlessly.

However, she was still staring at Arvin angrily.

The two kept a very close distance, holding intimate postures like two hot lovers. Arvin pressed his face into Belinda's, his lips almost kissing Belinda's earlobe and asked in a deep voice, "How about now? Ready to surrender?"

Belinda gritted her teeth and said, "No."

As soon as Arvin finished his words, Belinda lifted one of her legs to kick him. But Arvin reacted quickly and pushed her leg back with his knee. He then stuck one of his legs into between Belinda's legs, suppressed her and sneered, "Still want to fight?"

When Belinda opened her mouth and was about to say something, a man showed up behind Arvin.

Belinda tried to pull away from Arvin, embarrassed by her present situation. But that man didn't even raise his eyes to look at them and said calmly, "Mr. Xue."

Arvin loosed his body and turned around abruptly. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Is grandma here?"

Belinda took this chance and quickly withdrew her body from Arvin. She quickly tidied up her clothes as if nothing had happened.

"No, she is not here. But Madame. Xue asked me to take you home. "

Looking at each other, Arvin and Belinda threw the pieces away and said, "let's go."

But they were not driving to Madame Xue's old house to see their grandmother. The car took a few turns and soon arrived at the mansion where the newly married couple lived .It was also their wedding house.

Belinda knew that it might be because their grandmother came to see them and knew that they were not there. She sent someone to inquire about them and directly went to the bar to look for them.

And of course, their fight in the bar must have also spread into grandmother's ears.

As Belinda had expected, she saw grandmother sitting there with an angry face.

Wearing a calm face, Arvin took off his blazer, loosened his tie, walked over and called, "Grandma."

"Don't call me grandma!"

Mandame Xue hit the floor with her walking stick and scolded, "Do you even care about me?"

Not wanting to upset Madame Xue, Belinda also walked close to her and said gently, "Grandma, please let me explain."

Looking at Belinda, Madame. Xue softened herself. She immediately held her hand and patted it lovingly as if to comfort her. Then he turned to Arvin and shouted coldly, "You are just married. How could you hit your wife in the bar! Don't you feel ashamed of yourself? "

Arvin was so angry that he talked back immediately, "Grandma, it is this woman who danced shamelessly in a bar. She had destroyed Xue Family's reputation!"

"Is there anything wrong with dancing?"

Belinda stood up at once and confronted with Arvin, "Since we got married for these days, you just turned a blind eye to me. I can dance to make a living. I don't steal anything from you. Do you think it's bothering you?"

Before Arvin could retort, she turned to her g

randmother and said, "Grandma, I don't want to hide anything from you now. Arvin has forced me to sign the divorce agreement on the pretexts of our disagreement. Our marriage has been a lie for a long time"


Hearing this, Mandame Xue became furious, pounding the table and confronting to Arvin, "Arvin! You'd better explain this right now. Did you really sign a divorce agreement? "


Although Arvin had mentioned about divorcing Belinda, he couldn't make the final decision given their grandma's presence. At this moment, when Belinda deliberately slandered him to their grandma, Arvin was motivated. 'Why not give it a try? If I told grandma we had signed the agreement, how would grandma react?'

After thinking about it in his mind, Arvin said, "Grandma, she and I are not meant for each other, so we have divorced."


Madame Xue had never expected to find out their divorce in this visit. With a flush of rage, she fell over on the sofa, almost breathlessly.


Arvin and Belinda screamed at the same time and held up their grandma to look for the medicine.

After resting for a while, she felt much better. She pushed the pill away and said in a weak and cruel voice, "you Tear up the divorce agreement Otherwise, I won't take medicine anymore. "

Seeing his grandma's face turn purple because of sorrow, Arvin felt sorry for her. He promised immediately, "Don't worry, grandma. I won't divorce Belinda."

After saying that, he took another look at Belinda.

Belinda understood his implication, and promised, "Yes, that's true. Grandma, don't be angry. We were just quarreling with each other. We will get along well with each other in the future. Getting divorce was just impulsive nonsense."

Mandame Xue breathed with difficulty and placed their hands together.

She said in a soft voice, "Don't speak nonsense anymore. You two are both good kids. Why can't you live together? From now on, you need to take care of yourself, understand? "

Arvin couldn't care less about her words. He nodded his head repeatedly and said, "I know, grandma. Please take this pill. It will make you feel better."

"Yes, you are right."

As soon as Belinda finished her words, she got up and went to the kitchen to bring a cup of warm water. "Grandma, come on, take this medicine."

They had coaxed grandma for a long time and promised her that everything would be fine. Then she took the medicine, lied down on the sofa for a while and said that it was late at night, so she should go back home.

The two did not dare to stop her. After all, Mrs. Xue was also a powerful person.

When they escorted her to the car, Mandame. Xue held Belinda's hands again and patted them slightly, "Belinda, you should listen to me. The bar is so dirty for a young lady. Could you promise me not to go there again? What if you get hurt? Am I right? "

Belinda looked awkwardly at the concerned grandma, and finally nodded, "I know, grandma. I won't go again."

Arvin sneered.

"And you, don't you laugh at her. If you dare to treat Belinda badly and give her the cold shoulder in the future, I will skin you alive." she threatened Arvin, her eyes beaming with anger.

Every dog has its day. Belinda glanced at him complacently.

It was not until 11 o'clock in the evening that the mansion finally became quiet.

They stood in the living room staring at each other for a long time and neither of them wanted to start talking first.

After the embarrassing stillness lasted for a while, Belinda said, "Hey, can we live in peace for a period of time in the future?"

Arvin responded, "it's up to you."

Then he turned around and went upstairs.

Belinda made a face behind him. "What a hypocrite."

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