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   Chapter 3 Courtesy

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They fought with each other that night, which ended with hatred sown into each other's hearts.

However, Belinda didn't care. Besides, this wasn't the first time they fought. In fact, she was sure that this would not be the last time either.

She woke up late the next morning. After washing up, she found herself wandering around the mansion.

As expected, Arvin wasn't there. Belinda snickered. Although Arvin was smart and handsome, he was a ruthless man.

In her eyes, he was just as bad as any of those greedy businessmen.

She spent most of the grumbling about Arvin as she prepared herself a simple lunch. In half an hour, she finished and hurried to the door to see if she could find any other part-time job to fit to her liking.

However, as soon as the door opened, a man's head poked in the opening.

"Mrs. Xue."

From the looks of the uniformed black suit and equally dark sunglasses, he must be one of Arvin's men. "Mr. Xue told me that you are forbidden from leaving the house."

She snorted. "So he's going to put me on house arrest? Does he have any respect for my rights at all?"

"I'm sorry. It's Mr. Xue's order."

Her eyes narrowed as she took a few steps back. Now, she had a better look at the several men guarding the area. She cracked her knuckles at ease.

"You know, since I've left the martial arts club, I've never been able to practice before," she mused,

stretching her arms and neck.

The guards shared a tentative look. "Mrs. Xue…"

Belinda placed a hand on her waist and cocked her hips to the side. "What? Didn't he tell you I was part of the martial arts club?"

Just as she said those words, she swiped her leg towards them.

The leading guard immediately dodged the hit. However, Belinda wasn't waiting for their next move as she threw in the second kick, forcing all the guards to step back.

A punch flew her way, but she quickly deflected it and threw a punch of her own. The guard stumbled back.

Her punches and kicks were smooth and continuous, each holding a force that could render anyone silent. Her heart pounded with adrenaline as she delivered strike by strike, while dodging their movements.

Belinda hadn't used these techniques in a long time.

Ever since she left the club, the days she spent hitting the sandbags were gone. She was no longer the arrogant and independent woman she used to be.

In fact, she was the complete opposite. Now, she was trapped by the high walls of the Xue Family's enormous mansion. Although this house might have protected her from poverty, it had stolen her freedom as well.

Did he really think he could stop her? She scowled, knocking a few guards unconscious. There was no way she'd stop fighting.

After knocking over the last man, Belinda observed the men lying on the ground. She smirked.

"Tell Arvin he could go fuck himself. This is for him."

She raised her middle finger and strode off.

It was night already and the Night Club was filled with sweaty bodies and dropping beats. The atmosphere stirred as the DJ started to switch up the music.

Belinda danced enchantingly around the steel pole. This time, she wasn't wearing a veil. Her beautiful face and seductive gaze were completely revealed to the lustful audience.

The crowd went wild as she ben

t over and wrapped her legs around the pole. In fact, some of the men even tried to hop on stage and dance with her.

Arvin finally arrived at the bar after a busy day of work. His eyes widened at the chaos and enthusiasm that erupted from the stage.

Just then, he saw Belinda dancing on the pole, being leered at by lustful gazes.

Arvin suppressed a snarl as he gritted his teeth. He quickly shoved his hand into his pocket. "Clean up the scene," he ordered.

A group of men stormed over the club. Given their built, the people quickly parted, running away with their tails between their legs. Soon, the pandemonium had turned silent.

However, Belinda did not stop.

The music turned even hotter.

Clenching his fists, he took a step forward.

Belinda turned around. She wasn't planning on stopping as the corners of her lips lifted up. She continued to sway and bend, like a snake twirling across the pole.

Although neither of them spoke a single word, the tension in the bar was unbearable.

The men left might have all been on Arvin's side, but Belinda showed no fear. In fact, she continued twisting her body along with the rhythm. The chandelier above them glittered, illuminating her beautiful face even further.

Arvin frowned.

This was the first time he watched her dance up close.

He had to admit that the woman was beautiful. Even with blurred eyes and sweat running down her collarbone, she still looked enchanting.

His heartbeat raced.

For regular dancers, he had always been immune to their careless seduction and their simple movements across the stage. However, this was different. She was his wife.

It shouldn't be like this.

Belinda smiled.

"Get out," he yelled to his followers

as he took another step forward.

The men quickly retreated to guard the outsides of the bar, leaving the room to the couple.

Finally, Belinda stopped dancing. She leaned over to the pole seductively. Her eyes were still flirty, glancing at him like how a dancer would look at one of her customers.

Before he could speak, she stomped over to him.

The affectionate look on her face, however, switched to a scornful one.

"Asshole," she snapped.

Arvin followed her gaze to his crotch. It was already erected after seeing her dance like that.

Arvin grabbed Belinda's wrist and pulled her towards him.

"Don't you see how dirty your dancing is?" he demanded. "At least thank me for being so polite about it."

"Polite? That's polite?"

Belinda scoffed. "I might as well greet it politely then."

She stretched her right hand to grab his crotch area. Out of instinct, he blocked it and pushed the woman away with a flick of his wrist.

Belinda quickly steadied herself and aimed for a second strike.

Although Belinda was born practicing the martial arts, Arvin wasn't bad either. They were equally matched as they reflected each other's punches and kicks, which were growing fiercer and stronger by the second. As they continued, they had turned over many tables and broken hundreds of bottles in the process.

Amongst the ruckus, the chandelier above them exploded. The two immediately stepped back as shards of glass decorated the entire floor. As the dust had settled, they continued, using the broken glass to their advantage.

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