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   Chapter 440 She Changed Suddenly

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At dinner time, Nancy and Stefan went back to the Mu family's mansion.

After they changed their clothes and went downstairs, they happened to see Shawn coming back. The Butler followed him, carrying a suitcase.

"Brother, you also moved back?" Leaning against the stair railing, Stefan asked with one hand in his pocket and the other on Nancy's shoulder.

Shawn looked up and smiled at the two of them.

"Yes, it's troublesome." He walked up the stairs and said softly, "Today, mom called me 53 times. For the sake of the business, I turned off my phone. Then she called the Research Institute and scolded the cute girl at the front desk crying."

His eyes were drooping and his eyelashes were thick. When he laughed, a large black shadow swept over the bags under his eyes, making him look easy to get along with.

Not only the end of his eyes, but also the corners of his mouth slightly drooped. When he didn't speak, he felt a little innocent, and when he was disappointed, he was very depressed.

Now he was standing below, looking up and smiling.

Looking down at him, Nancy found that he looked energetic.

However, there were still a few more wrinkles at the end of his eyes.

The wrinkles on his forehead were a little deep.

It was obvious that he hadn't had a good sleep for many days.

Shawn looked at her and said with a smile, "Do you know why my mother forced me to move back? ”

Nancy said, "Back her up."

Shawn shrugged and said, "She said that if I didn't come back and help her, she would be bullied to death by you one day. Don't you think so?"

"Who knows? The rabbit is still biting when it gets anxious," she said calmly.

Her mother-in-law was the one who asked her to move back, and she now complained that she was the one who was bullied. She had spoken good words and bad words all by herself.

It was the first day that Nancy moved in.

She only met the housekeeper and driver of Mu family before, so she was not very familiar with others.

Now that she had moved in, she needed to know everyone well.

When Nancy came to the small hall, all the family members were here.

Sitting on the sofa, Jenny squinted at Nancy and said, "Since you are a member of our family, you should meet everyone."

She pointed at the servants and said, "You can introduce yourself. N

I've told Oscar to prepare this for you every day." Jenny said, "After you finish eating, ask Oscar to check on your pulse and prepare some tonics for you. I don't think you look well, and the baby you give birth to must be not healthy."

'Hump! What hurtful words!'

Staring at a large plate of vegetable leaves, she gave a wry smile and looked at Stefan beside her. "Ha ha, honey, this is your style. You like it best. Here you are."

Before Stefan frowned, she put the bowl in front of him.

'You said I was going to get pregnant.


"These are organic green and harmless vegetables. This afternoon, I specially drove to the ecological garden. I picked some of the most tender vegetables by myself." Not knowing when, Oscar appeared behind Nancy and murmured, "He is preparing pregnancy. There is no need to eat these vegetables that are more expensive than gold."

Jenny stared at her irritably.

Nancy chewed the chicken breast quietly. She looked calm, but bitterness surged out of her heart.

'It must be Jenny who brought Oscar here to torture me,' she thought.

"I'll eat." Said Nancy.

Her behavior surprised everyone at the table.

Was she still Nancy?

Shouldn't she throw down her chopsticks and leave, or overturn the table directly?

She had changed.

Under the table, Sherry threw her slippers to Stefan and winked at him. "What's going on? Are you really going to get pregnant?

Stefan lowered his head to eat, ignoring her and peeping at Nancy from time to time.

The sun rose from the West...

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