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   Chapter 437 To Teach Her Several Moves

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Jenny clapped her hands and ran into Stefan's room.

The workers were carrying things.

Sue, the life secretary, was fiddling with her cosmetics in front of the dressing table.

"My lady." As soon as she saw Jenny, she stood up and lowered her head.

"What are you doing?" Jenny raised her eyebrows and asked coldly. Before Sue could answer, she said, "Okay, you can go out now. You don't need to touch these things."

Sue looked back and found that the things in the cloakroom were also placed. Then she took the workers out.

Jenny's gaze made her a little scared and dare not stay.

In the end, there was only Jenny left in the room.

She looked around and finally came to the bedside table. She opened it and saw a small medicine bottle.

She picked it up and saw the name of the medicine on it. She didn't know it.

She had a guilty conscience and didn't expect to search online.

She opened the bottle and found it was full of white pills.

All of a sudden, she was overwhelmed by evil thoughts.

The medicine on the bedside table should be taken frequently.

Jenny smiled, quickly poured out the pills from the bottle and put the prepared pills in.

'Well, I'll see how you can give birth to a baby.'

She walked out of the room with satisfaction.

Sue, the life secretary, was still waiting outside.

Jenny glanced at her and said, "Why are you still here? What should you do? You don't need to worry about this room. The maids will clean it."

Sue had to leave.

After leaving the Mu family's mansion, she quickly parked the car on the roadside, took out her phone and dialed the number nervously.

"Mr. Mu, I didn't have time to do what you asked me to do. Her ladyship broke in. I didn't change Miss Nancy's sleeping pills. I'll find another chance next time... "

Sue became more and more scared as she spoke. Finally, she cried, "Mr. Mu, I will find another chance. Please give me another chance. Don't fire me. I..."

"Okay, I know."

Stefan walked out of the meeting room and answered the phone.

She didn't change it.


He felt sorry.

Every night, Nancy took sleeping pills and went to bed early. She slept like a dead pi

and said seriously, "It's said that you are not really married. Is it true?"

At this moment, she had completely forgotten Vivian's seniority.

She exclaimed, "Of course not true."

"Nancy, you have to reflect on yourself." Vivian said in a low voice.

She looked at her up and down and said, "It won't be long before the third woman, the fourth woman and the fifth and the sixth come."

"I don't care." Said Nancy.

Looking at her, Vivian raised her eyebrows again and asked, "Is it really a fake marriage?"

Nancy shook her head sincerely.

Vivian said, "No matter how much you don't like and don't want to get married, in the end, this is the guarantee of women. With a perfect marriage as an umbrella, women can live freely and happily. They don't need to be pointed at by others to be able to raise their eyebrows and breathe freely in the world."

Nancy looked at her and felt that what she said seemed to be wrong.

It was rare to see her speak with such an expression.

It seemed that she was talking about herself.

Nancy still couldn't understand what she said. For other things, she was confident that she could do well and deal with them perfectly, because she had received training.


It was the first time that she had learned to be someone else's wife.

"Vivian, what should I do?" Nancy asked.

Seeing that she finally figured it out, Vivian smiled with satisfaction. "How about I teach you several moves?"

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