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   Chapter 435 Be An Ordinary Person

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After the wedding, Nancy didn't plan a honeymoon trip as usual.

She and Stefan came back on the second day.

She quickly devoted herself to her work.

People in the company couldn't believe that she came back to work so soon.

Half a month later, in the morning, at the gate of the Mu Group, everyone saw the two get out of the car together.

Someone suddenly remembered that the two had been newly married.

The grand wedding of the century seemed to be what happened yesterday.

However, the appellation to the two of them did not change.

"Good morning, Mr. Mu and Miss Nancy."

Wearing high heels, Nancy hurried to the elevator.

Stefan seemed to be her follower, but when he saw that Nancy and her subordinates kept discussing on work, he showed a doting smile.

She turned a blind eye to other employees' greetings.

On the contrary, Stefan seemed to be much kinder and learned to smile.

The point was that he had nothing to do as the acting chairman after Nancy had done everything.

Everyone was gossiping about them.

"Mr. Mu seems to be different from usual."

"Yes, I think so. He smiled at me just now."

"I think people must be in a good mood at happy events."

"I think there must be something happy."

"Yes, he has been protecting Miss Nancy all the time..."

"Oh my God! He is so handsome!"

When they entered the elevator, Nancy looked at Stefan and said, "Why are you smirking?"

"Nothing." Said Stefan.

She gave him a stern look and told him the details of the meeting.

Stefan just stared at her and didn't seem to hear what she said.

Nancy winked at Mr. Ning, and he turned around.

At this time, she threw the document in her hand at Stefan, saying, "Can you be more serious? I just promised your mother to move back to the mansion. You almost laughed out loud."

"I'm so happy that I can't even smile? So cruel! " Holding her waist, Stefan said, "I'm moved that you agreed to move back with me."

In fact, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had always been bad, and Stefan also had a headache.

Nancy didn't have anything to do with it, but Jenny was making troubles. She called him every two or three days.

If Nancy agreed to move back, their relationship would always be alleviated.

Grabbing his ear, she asked softly, "What did I say to you just now? Did you hear me?"


t anyone discover your identity, understand?"

"I don't understand." Nancy said, "I don't understand at all. You asked me to marry into Mu family and said that he could provide funds for the development of SR, but now, there is no task about funds. Instead, you asked me to hide myself. I don't understand."

"That's it. You can't say anything more. Learn to be an ordinary person. Only in this way can you save your life."

"Hello? ”

Nancy hung up the phone before she could figure it out.

'What's the meaning of this?

What kind of drastic change was coming?

Was he reminding her as a friend?'

Nancy had a vague feeling that Metis was for her good. Hearing Metis 'warning, she felt like she was talking to an old friend.

The phone rang again.

Seeing that it was Simon, Nancy answered the phone immediately.

"What's the matter?" She asked.

"I got the news from Raven that something would happen and asked me to take the Apollo group to hide from the limelight for the time being." Simon continued seriously, "Be careful."

"What is it?" Nancy asked.

"I don't know. I'll tell you when I figure it out. Be careful recently." Said Simon.

"Last time I asked you to test your girlfriend." Seeing that he was about to hang up, Nancy quickly asked, "Did you ask?"

Simon answered, "Yes."

"How did she react?" Nancy's heart thumped.

"She doesn't have any reaction. She is just a doctor." Simon said, "I can't see anything wrong with her. I think he is really dead. Don't think about it anymore. You have taken back the ashes. Why don't you believe it?"

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