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   Chapter 434 Sleepless Mother-In-Law

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In another villa not far away, Mavis knocked on the door of Shawn's room with a pillow in her arms, for fear of thunder.

"Shawn... Sherry is asleep. I'm scared... Are you asleep? "

"Oh, I'm not sleeping. Come in..."

Shawn patted her head dotingly.

"You have been afraid of thunder since you were a child. You have grown up. Why are you afraid of thunder?"

Mavis held the pillow and went to bed.

Shawn seemed to be working. He sat in front of the computer with glasses and a cup of cold coffee in his hand.

He turned around, looked at Mavis and smiled, "Have a good sleep. I'm going to stay up late tonight."

Holding the quilt, Mavis looked at his back and smiled heartily.

Every time there was a thunder, Shawn would turn around to confirm her condition.

good to me! I got angry at the thought of it. "

Last time, she only knew that Nancy had taken away the jewelry. She was so angry that she didn't ask her where she had taken the jewelry.

It was not until today that she knew that Nancy had sent back all the jewelry that those ladies had lost.

"Did you see that?" Jenny said, "Mrs. Chen wore her ring on purpose to attend the wedding, and other people also wore jewelry. Isn't it obvious to laugh at me?"

"You can go out if you don't want to sleep." Colin said, "Don't tell me that. I have a headache."

Jenny turned around and saw her husband's pale face, but she didn't dare to say anything.

She put on her robe and walked out angrily.

'Nancy, remember, don't think about having a good life in the future!'

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