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   Chapter 403 Mysterious Birthday Gift

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With a glass of champagne in her hand, Jenny was surrounded by the crowd.

Someone said, "Jenny, your daughter-in-law is here."

The voice was so loud that everyone heard it.

In fact, there was no need to do that.

Nancy had already been a celebrity in the social circle.

Everyone present had heard of her name.

They only heard her name, but didn't see her.

It was a rare chance today. They all wanted to see what a real person was like.

Jenny turned around with Sherry beside her.

No one expected that Nancy would come here like this.

She was stunned.

Jenny was extremely angry, though she kept smiling.

It's obvious that this woman didn't give me face, so she came here impolitely. No one could find such a woman. Even the waiters who served tea and water were dressed up.

"Mom, don't be angry..." Sherry whispered in her ear, "Everyone is watching. Mrs. Gao is here. You don't want to be laughed at, do you?"

Mrs. Gao...

Max's wife, Jenny didn't want to lose to her.

Now she was standing there and waiting to see a good show.

At this time, there was a straight line of no more than ten meters between Nancy and Jenny.

Even from such a distance, Nancy could still feel the other party's complaints.

A waiter came over and nodded respectfully to her, waiting for her to take off her coat and take it somewhere else.

The heating in the hall was as hot as summer.

She blushed with heat.

She took off her overcoat and showed her Chanel suit inside. It was the same in the company.

Jenny's eyes were burning with anger.

"Jenny, your daughter-in-law is so elegant..."

Someone began to praise her.

But there was irony in this praise.

Jenny immediately raised her voice and said, "Of course, it's better than the Internet celebrity you married."

The man who had married an Internet celebrity became depressed.

"Yes, she is different from others. Didn't you tell her?"

"Look at you. You just dress yourself up. Your daughter-in-law... Ah, haven't you made it clear? "

"It doesn't matter if she doesn't wear a dress. I can see that she doesn't have any jewelry. Is this a jewelry party? "

"Mrs. Mu, I saw your daughter-in-law on the magazine. If I hadn't seen her here today, I wouldn't have recognized her. Hahaha..."

Hearing the chatter in her ears, Jenny quickly said, "I'm so busy with the business of the group that I don't have time. Do

that you have a luxury SPA hotel project, and they are your core purchasing power. If you can't do this project well or lose money, you won't have a say in the board of directors in the future..."

She raised her head and looked at him. 'What a cunning fox!'

He was playing tricks at this time.

"Tell me the truth. What friend did you meet this afternoon?" Stefan asked gently.

"It's none of your business."

"Aren't you going to beg me?" Shaking his head, Stefan said, "I'm not satisfied with your attitude."

Nancy looked around and found several staff carrying something to the hall.

"Are you sure you want to refuse me at this time?" Stefan asked.

Nancy asked softly, "What gift did you prepare? I want to see if it's worth my respect. "

What if she couldn't bear to present it?

"In 2016, in Hong Kong, a green diamond was sold. It's worth 1300 million dollars... " Raising his eyebrows, Stefan said, "As a daughter-in-law, is it a good gift for your mother-in-law? Is it worth your begging me? "

Nancy smiled and caught a glimpse of the stuff the staff was carrying inside.

" 1300 million. What a filial son! " Nancy patted him on the face and said, " You want me to beg you for 1300 million? "

She blinked playfully, "You wish."

She straightened her back and walked straight to Jenny with a glass of wine in her hand.

Seeing her so confident, Stefan was a little flustered. He quickly walked to her side and whispered, "What do you want to do? If you screw it up, you will suffer losses. "

" It's just 1300 million. I can double it later. " Said Nancy with a smile.

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