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   Chapter 402 Unexpected Birthday Party

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Nancy's car was blocked in the traffic.

Her heart was also blocked.

In the middle of the traffic jam, she took out the diagnosis report from her pocket.

The date on it fell into her eyes.

It turned out that he knew he was going to die a long time ago.

It must be the day before Wendy came to A City.

Nancy still remembered that day, she just escaped from Stefan and ran to Henry's house to wait for him.

When she turned around, she saw him and Wendy coming over.

At that time, his face was as if he had obtained a treasure.

But... He was still very ordinary and didn't show any big change.

From then on, Henry became very bold.

It was he who asked Nancy to pretend to be his girlfriend in front of Wendy.

He had kept a distance from her before.

Did he feel that he was going to die and could not leave any regret?

Nancy suddenly felt sad.

'Fool, why didn't you tell me?

If I had known it earlier, I would have treated you better.'

Later, he drove to stop Eileen. She would never forget his eyes at that moment.

His eyes were full of love, saying 'I can die for you without hesitation.'

He had long known that his life was counting down, so death was not a big deal.

Everything seemed to make sense.

The reason why he accepted the mission was that he wanted to save more people in his life and achieve his goal.

'Fool, why didn't you tell me?

Later, you lay in the hospital for so many days, wrapped up like a traditional Chinese rice pudding, and no one knew your condition.'

She could imagine that he had secretly asked the people in the Department of Radiation to hide his condition.

At this moment, there were cold tears on her face.

A phone call interrupted her thoughts.

She quickly wiped her tears and answered the phone.

"Where are you?" Stefan asked.

"On the way to the restaurant." Said Nancy.

"No, don't go to the restaurant. They said that they had changed the address. Come to the company. Let's go together." Said Stefan.

Nancy snorted impatiently.

"What's wrong with your voice?" Stefan asked worriedly.

Of course, before he could reply, Nancy hung up the phone.

Sitting in the office, Stefan stared at his phone.

This woman even hung up the phone.

Her voice was hoarse and nasal. Was she crying?

He knew that Nancy was a tough girl

alf of the sky shining beautifully.

Nancy put her hand on her forehead and sighed.

'Remember it, Stefan.'

She had a bad feeling.

Two well-dressed doormen stood outside the iron gate in the middle of the mountain.

Nancy was completely crazy. She didn't even have the mood to take out the mirror to fix her makeup.

The car went straight inside. The music fountain, which had never been turned on before, was also started today.

The elegant classical music could be heard clearly in the car.

Rows of luxury cars were neatly arranged there, as if they were holding a car fair.

"Did you do it on purpose?" She gritted her teeth and looked at Stefan.

"You said you wanted to see a friend, so..." Holding her hand, Stefan said sincerely, "You look beautiful too. I like it."

'Damn you!'

Hiding in the car, she really didn't want to get out.

Later, she was dragged out by Stefan. He unbuttoned the seat belt of Nancy and said softly, "Do you want me to carry you down?"

She wanted to tear his mouth apart.

'Have you seen the Great Gatsby?'

The scene in front of her was more than that in the movie.

This was a luxurious party, and a party with theme!

She was wearing a new Valentino overcoat, which made her look more eye-catching among the crowd.

Everyone looked at her and made way for her.

She didn't look like a daughter-in-law who came to celebrate her mother-in-law's birthday at all. She seemed to come to mess up the party.

She didn't prepare any gift, just like an uninvited guest who came in impolitely.

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