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   Chapter 306 I Want Him Out

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"I'm sorry, sir. There's only one room left."

When Simon went back to the hotel and heard what the girl at the front desk said, he turned around and looked at Sherry.

What could we do?

"What kind of crap hotel was it? How could so many people choose such a crappy place?" said Sherry.

"You are noble. You can sleep in the car," Simon pushed his ID card over and said, "she won't live here anymore. Check in for me, please."

"He won't live here anymore. I am in." Sherry threw his ID card on the ground.

Simon sighed helplessly.

'Oh my God! You made me and Fairy completely out of the game. I don't blame you anymore. I don't dislike mortal women either. Don't arrange such a demon for me, okay?'

Looking at the back of Sherry, he picked up his ID card.

Five minutes later, he knocked on the door of Nancy's room dejectedly.

Nancy opened the door and found that he was wet all over and his face was a little red and swollen.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"No room left for me," said Simon.

"It's none of my business," said Nancy.

"Hey, we are so familiar with each other. Let's squeeze together. Anyway, there are two big beds in your room. You can sleep on one, and I can sleep on the other." Simon covered his face with his hands and tried to squeeze in.

"Wait a minute," Nancy said, reaching out to stop him.

When he raised his head, Nancy took a picture of him with her phone.

"What are you doing?" Simon wanted to grab her phone, but he was not as quick as her. The two of them jumped up and down in the room.

Henry found it interesting.

In the end, the victory of Nancy came to an end with the defeat of Simon.

"Nancy, you are so unkind." Simon took a towel and went into the bathroom indignantly.

Nancy said, "So do you. I don't think you are a gentleman."

It was Henry's phone. Nancy said excitedly, "I'm going to retouch the picture of Simon and make him a pig..."

She lay down on the bed and rested her head on Henry's legs.

"I need the password," Nancy handed the phone to Henry and asked.

Henry unlocked the door for her with a doting look on his face.

Nancy had just chosen a sticker for Simon, and a WeChat message came in.

It was a notification.

"It's from Dr. Li." Nancy quickly put the phone in Henry's hand.

She sat up, ran her fing

said, let's begin!"

It was easy for her to play mahjong or cards.

When Henry was doing the surgery test for her, she was able to remember several sets of cards in a few seconds.

Last year, she completed a task in a casino.

Since then, she had been blacklisted in the casino.

It seemed that Simon was not afraid of being a loser in the game.


Under a series of ruthless ridicules from Nancy, Simon was driven out of the room.

Henry raised his hand in plaster and waved it.

See you tomorrow!

Simon stood in the corridor of the hotel. It was raining outside and several thunders were heard.

The rain was getting heavier and heavier. Just standing in the corridor, he could feel the rain on his face.

He was shivering with cold.

He had no choice but to knock on the door.

He thought there would be no response, so he turned around and was ready to leave.

Unexpectedly, the door was opened.

Before he could turn around, Sherry hugged him from behind.

Thunder rumbled.

Sherry, who had always been self-willed and domineering, trembled with fear.

"Simon, don't go. I'm afraid of thunder the most. I don't want to be alone," she said sincerely.

Simon was wearing a pair of slippers, a coat in his hand, and only a thin hoody.

Hearing what she said, he suddenly turned around, lifted her up and entered the room.

The door slammed shut.

Nancy returned to her room with satisfaction.

"A good show of them has begun. What about us?" Henry lay at the head of the bed and asked her softly.

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