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   Chapter 301 Everyone Wants Her

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When Sherry rushed out of the hospital, in the parking lot of the hospital, Mavis stopped several cars that were about to run out by herself.

She suddenly rushed out, opened her hands and blocked the way.

Shawn slammed on the brake.

"Stop it, Mavis. Get out of my way." He said.

Although he was angry, he couldn't pull a long face at this little sister.

He thought she was just an ignorant child. How could he be angry with the child?

The cars behind him had to stop urgently.

"I'm not!" Mavis said, "Shawn, I thought you were a reasonable person, but I didn't expect you to be so stupid. Nancy has personal freedom. Why do you lock her up and don't allow us to see her? If you are wrong, I won't let you continue to be wrong."

"You don't understand!" Shawn shook his head.

Mavis was stuck at the exit, which was very narrow. If he wanted to rush over, he would definitely hurt her.

Shawn was in a dilemma. He shouted, "Get out of the way! I don't want to hurt you."

"Shawn, you won't hurt me." Mavis smiled bitterly.

'I believe you won't.

Even if you kill me for your own sake, that's my fate. I deserve it.'

Just as Shawn was hesitating.

A black car roared out from behind.

"Shawn, you know why you can't make it. Can your brother make it? You are too indecisive!"

It was Pearson. He held the steering wheel and stepped on the accelerator, heading straight for Mavis.

"That woman is money, all the property of the Mu family! It was so much money! I can't let her escape!"

The powerful sound of the engine was mixed with the arrogant laughter of Pearson.

Mavis's face was full of surprise. In her eyes, there was a black head of the car. The daytime vehicle light of the car was like the fierce eyes of an animal, which made her eyes red.

"Mavis, run!"

Hearing this, Mavis quickly moved aside.

She was hit by the rearview of the black car.

She fell to the ground and sprained her ankle. Her face was pale with pain and she kept gasping.

"Mavis, are you okay?" Regardless of anything else, Shawn quickly got out of the car, ran to her side, checked her wound slightly, and picked her up.

His subordinate

e inheritance right of the Mu family, don't you?"

Shawn didn't respond.

"I thought you were not interested in it." Mavis said in a low voice.

"All of you think so, don't you?" Said Shawn.

Mavis felt that he was a little strange. She was stunned and dared not nod or shake her head.

Shawn smiled and said, "When a thing is branded with your name, you have known since childhood that it is yours. Whether you want it or not, it is yours. You can dislike it and say it freely. It's not a big deal. Before this sentence, you can get it."

'Now, everything had changed.

That thing is no longer yours. It has become an unknown thing.

My advantage is gone. I can't say beautiful words freely anymore. That's what I give you because I don't want it anymore.

What everyone wanted was no longer that price.

So did Nancy.'

He was just fascinated by her story and her mystery.

But now it was different.

She became what everyone wanted. Whoever got it was the strong.

He, Shawn, had always been the strongest pretending to be weak, not the real weak.

What should belong to him should not change because of Nancy.

Mavis didn't understand this. She was just his admirer.

Shawn would not like to talk to her.

'I, Shawn, still have a lot of admirers like you.

However, there was only one Nancy that everyone wanted to get.

When the mysterious Nancy became the one that everyone longed for, she was different.'

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