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   Chapter 300 The Recovery of Your Sight

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Nancy was pulled into the staircase by Simon.

Afraid that she might fall down if she went downstairs, Simon said, "I'll carry you."

"Okay." Nancy nodded and jumped on Simon's back as she often did when she was a child.

But unlike when he was a child, he had strong muscles and his broad back could no longer shake.

"Nancy, are you okay?"

Hearing the voice of Mavis, Nancy nodded and said, "Thank you for your help."

It was easy to get firecrackers in such a short time, but it was difficult to get smoke bombs.

Simon couldn't do that, and Nancy knew it clearly.

Mavis said, "It was I who made the smoke bombs. If Sherry hadn't reminded me, I would have forgotten that I majored in chemical pharmacy in college."

She held Nancy's hand and said, "Nancy, I'm glad that I can help you."

It was her first time to do such a thing, which made her feel very excited.

She seemed like the agent in the movie.

She never knew that she could do this.

Her face flushed with excitement.

At this time, Simon pressed his Bluetooth headset and asked seriously, "Sherry, have you made a plan for the escape route? Don't make a mistake at the critical moment. Show me your professional skills!"

Sitting in the car with a computer in her arms, Sherry was somewhat unconvinced by Simon's words.

She would have left without hesitation before.

But she didn't want to be looked down upon by Simon.

She wanted to prove herself in front of him.

She hacked into the monitoring of the hospital, got the location of Simon and the others, and also saw the location of the hitmen. She commanded calmly and seriously.

She help them successfully avoid several groups of people.

When they arrived at the underground parking lot of the hospital, Sherry turned off the computer and drove the car to take them.

Carrying Nancy on his back, Simon rushed to the car.

Mavis was out of breath, but she followed closely.

"Nancy, the car was here. Shawn can't catch you this time," She said, "you can leave now. I'll stay."

She didn't want Shawn to be alone. When he was annoyed, he didn't even talk with others.

She couldn't imagine that how sad Shawn would feel when he knew that both Sherry and he helped Nancy escape.

Nancy grabbed Simon's shoulder and asked, "W

enry's mouth.

However, Henry didn't drink any water. Instead, he kept looking at Nancy, with great joy in his eyes.

There was a charming light shining in his slender eyes.

Lowering her head, Nancy asked, "Why are you looking at me like this again? Don't you drink water?"

"I don't want to drink anymore." Henry shook his head.

He didn't move until he saw Nancy close the bottle and put it back to where it was. Then he said, "The plaster bandage on my left hand seems to have been loosened..."

"Let me have a look!" Nancy lowered her head and said, "it's okay."

Henry's eyes lit up with excitement.

"Nancy," He called her name.

"What?" Nancy asked, "what's wrong?"

"Nancy," he shouted again.

"What are you doing? You look strange," said Nancy.

"Nancy, you know I'm looking at you. You saw my strange expression. Just now, you accurately grabbed Simon. You saw the entrance guard railing, you saw the driver's hands leave the steering wheel, you saw the mineral water and the plaster bandage. You saw everything. You have recovered your sight." Henry finally grinned happily.

When Nancy was still in a daze, Henry approached her and whispered in her ear, "Am I very powerful? I told you I can cure it. Do you believe me now?"

Looking out of the window at the blue sky and the high clouds, Nancy was in a good mood.

Henry's whisper made her ears hot. She stepped back a little.

"Well, you are really powerful," she sighed.

"Are there any awards for me?" Henry said with a smile.

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