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   Chapter 298 Come With Me, Beauty

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During the call with Simon.

Most of the time, Nancy listened silently and let out one or two groans from time to time to let the other party know that she hadn't hung up.

The will had been found, which she had expected long ago.

She was still worried about the pearl.

What was so urgent to get could control her fate, but it was in the hands of others.

She was not reconciled at all.

She would take it back even if she killed others.


Metis! It was a woman. What a powerful woman!

"I didn't lie to you. According to all the evidence now, Metis is a woman." Simon said, "She is probably a beauty."

"It doesn't matter." Nancy said, "I lost the chips to negotiate, so I became a small potato again. I became a killer who could only accept tasks. The rest has nothing to do with me."

Disappointment was written all over her face.

"I'm sorry." With the phone in his hand, Simon lowered his head. He had forgotten his tiredness and hardships along the way.

For a loser, no matter how much he had done, it was not worth mentioning.

Only the winner deserved to work hard.

"It's my fault. I didn't do it well." Simon stood in a pavilion. As he spoke, he punched the pillar beside him.

"Forget it..." Nancy said, "Try to get me out of here as soon as possible. Metis has ordered me to leave. You have to help me get rid of the imprisonment of the Mu family. I can't be negligent this time."

"If it were you, you wouldn't fail." Simon whispered.

It was all because he was inexperienced.

"Well, don't flatter me. I'm blind. I can't even see the road." Said Nancy.

As soon as she hung up the phone, the door of the ward opened before she could hide the phone under the pillow.

Shawn came in, stared at her, and said coldly in a very serious voice, "Give me the phone."

Nancy sighed and handed the phone over.

"Why did you lie to me?" Shawn said, "When I asked you before, you said you didn't have it."

Nancy said, "I didn't have it when you asked me."

Shawn glanced at the house.

His eyes fell on several big windows.

"Bright light is good for your eyesight recovery, so you have a chance to enjoy the sunshine." He said softly, "Since you don't cherish it..."

Hearing his voice, Nancy felt a chill on her back.

When did he become so serious?

"Is the will related to me?" Nancy said, "Or it has something to

ow that Nancy was blind. He just felt that her eyes were dull and didn't take her seriously.

He wanted to grab Nancy's hand and pull her out of the bed.

Shawn looked at him coldly, "I advise you not to touch her."

"I just touched her. What can you do? If you don't hand over the will today, I will... Beauty, don't be afraid. Come down first. My brother is just a bookworm. He is not so good, or you can come with me... "

Pearson pulled Nancy out of the bed.

Nancy stepped on the floor barefoot, which was cold to the bone. There was no panic on her face. Instead, she felt funny.

She heard a lot of whispers.

The sound was very low, as if someone was patting the window.

It was Simon's Morse code.

She smiled inadvertently.

When the internal conflict of a big family like the Mu family was going on, several third generation descendants were bargaining like old women in the vegetable market, and a group of bodyguards were watching. It was ridiculous.

Unfortunately, Stefan was half alive.

If he were here, the situation would be funnier.

He wouldn't talk nonsense with Pearson. He even dared to scold his father.

He might grab the bat and knock Pearson out on the head.

Shawn was polite to them.

Pearson was arrogant and conceited and didn't follow the conventional rules.

According to the information collected by Baron, he was regarded as an idiot.

He knew nothing except picking up girls, and Nancy was not in a hurry to knock him down.

"Mr. Pearson, right? I think it's good to be with you. Let's go." Said Nancy with a smile.

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