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   Chapter 289 I Have to Do That

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"Nancy, do you know what this is?"

Henry asked in a low voice.

He couldn't even hear his own words.

He had expected how Nancy would react if this day came.

He had thought about all kinds of reactions.

He had thought he might be refused thousands of times.

But he didn't know what to do if she didn't react.

Nancy had been holding the ring in her hand since she got it, but she didn't say anything.

What made Henry more desperate was that there was no difference on her face.

Happy? Nervous?

Or sadness?


She seemed to have taken the most ordinary thing.

So Henry had to remind her.

"Do you know what it is?"

"Well..." Nancy said, "I'm not sure. I..."

She was embarrassed.

She had never been so eager for Simon's appearance.

Holding the ring in her hand, Nancy was extremely nervous.

When she was in a relationship with Allen in college, she had been dreaming about the moment she received the diamond ring.

But now...

Why was it not the case when she got it?

"Hey, Simon, what are you doing?" In order to avoid answering Nancy's question, Henry shouted.


When you need him, you will never be able to find him. When you don't want to see him, he will show up in front of you.

Didn't you say that you would find a nurse?

It had been such a long time.'

"Stop shouting..." Henry said softly, "I just told him to leave first. I want to make it clear to you. I don't want you to misunderstand me."

'But now, have you made it clear?

It was getting more and more difficult to explain.'

"Nancy..." Henry plucked up the courage and said.

These two words made Nancy's heart tremble.

"Don't say it." She stopped him.

She had a hunch that it was not the right time to hear something big.

"Do you know what I want to say?" Henry asked.

"No matter what it is," A rare shyness appeared on Nancy's face, to be exact, shyness and embarrassment. "Don't say it, at least don't say it now."

'I can't even see your face.'

"Well!" Her heart beat fast. Nancy fumbled forward, trying to touch Henry's hand, "Take it first. Don't give it to me. I... I... I... Alas! Why..."

She touched Henry's body.

Her fingertips were hot, and she

her and saw her nod unconsciously.

The haze in his eyes instantly dissipated.

"Can you keep the ring for a while? You can tell me when you make up your mind?" Henry asked.

'Could I?'

Nancy was still hesitating.

"Of course not!"

A firm male voice came from behind.

When Nancy was still confused, someone took the ring from her hand.

It was Shawn's voice.

But it was not like what he would do.

"Henry, please take the ring back first. You can give it back when the right time comes."

She heard a series of words.

It was not until then that Nancy was sure it was Shawn.

She was also wondering why Shawn would do such an unreasonable thing.

Before she could say a word, she was pushed away by him.

She was so unreasonable and domineering.

It didn't look like Shawn at all.

"Sorry, I have to do that." Shawn said seriously.

Confused, Nancy wanted to look back at Henry, but she couldn't see anything.

"Where are you taking me?" Nancy asked.

"From now on, you must be with me. You can't separate from me in food and accommodation."

Shawn was followed by two bodyguards.

Seeing that Nancy was pushed away, Henry wanted to follow her, but someone grabbed his wheelchair.

The diamond ring on the armrest of the wheelchair fell to the ground.

Some bodyguards stopped him.

He stared at the back of Shawn, expressionless and sharp.

So did Shawn. He suddenly took off his coat of tenderness, which was hard to understand.

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