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   Chapter 288 Henry Was Serious

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Nancy thought of what Vicky said.

When she first saw Henry, she was so excited that she ignored many details.

Henry was too kind to her, so she had been ignoring it.

She sat there blankly. The warm sun was shining on her face, which made her cheeks burn.

She recalled the conversation between them.

"I can't even see it. You think it's not a big deal? Don't comfort me. I know it must be because of the damage to my visual nerves."

"Oh, you think you know better than me? I remembered that someone said that the most hateful thing in the global training was medicine."

Nancy was sure that she was right.

She heard clearly what Henry said.

He was talking about the global training.

That was what she heard.

If he remembered what happened three years ago, he would not say these words.

There were many details.

Maybe they were all ignored by her.

Why did Vicky say that? What was her purpose?

"What are you thinking about?" Henry came to her and looked at her anxiously. "she must have said something to you, or you won't be like this."

Nancy shook her head.

Simon smiled and took photos with his phone.

Hearing the sound of shutter, Nancy said discontentedly, "Simon, what do you want to do?"

"I am taking a photo of you and you can remember your silly look in the future." Simon's laughter echoed in the garden. He said, "When you can see it yourself, you will definitely feel it funny."

"Don't be so mean. You will pay for it!" Nancy tried to catch him by sound.

Simon didn't dodge. He looked at her fumbling hands and let her grasp them. He didn't feel any pain after being slapped by her, but he still screamed.

"Wait a minute. I'm going to find a nurse," Simon said, "Henry can't move, and you can't see. It's so cruel."

Simon walked far away.

Henry asked, "What did she say to you? Please don't..."

He knew that Nancy couldn't see him, so he didn't dodge but looked into her eyes.

Henry wanted to tell her not to believe it no matter what Vicky said.

But he couldn't speak it out.

Shrugging her shoulders, Nancy grinned.

"It's okay. She was jealous of me and said that you were too kind to me," she said casually.

What she said was full of half truths.

To put it bluntly, Vicky was really jealous. Ot

ouldn't see the other party's expression, and it would indeed make her become more ruthless.

Nancy nodded.

'Yes, you are right. I can't believe you if you don't make it clear to me and if you can't prove what you have done.'

"Stretch out your hand," said Henry.

Nancy took her hand out of the blanket.

Henry put something in her hand.

"I was in a hurry to buy this. The mall was about to close at that time," Henry said, "on Christmas, I was going to solemnly..."

'I want to put the ring on your finger solemnly.

I want to ask you seriously that if you are willing to...'

He stared at Nancy's fingertips and wanted to put the ring on her finger.

But he dared not.

He was afraid that Nancy would take it off herself, so he had to put it in her hand.

He chose to put it in her warm hand.

Nancy clenched her fists.

The small ring was inlaid with a big diamond.

The hard diamond made her feel painful.

She couldn't see it, but could feel it.

The diamond and the metal were originally cold.

But now she could feel Henry's temperature from the ring.

Nobody knew when he had carried this ring with him.

Perhaps he had a hunch that Vicky would say something, so he had already held it in his hand.

It was supposed to be a romantic thing, but now it turned out to be the evidence for proving his own innocence.

Nancy thought she was a jerk and unreasonable.

How could she force a person like Henry to do this?

Nancy could know how painful Henry felt as he breathed.

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