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   Chapter 284 I'll be Right There

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Wendy looked at Vicky up and down, and then looked at Henry, with a suspicious look on her face.

'When did he have a beautiful friend other than colleagues in the hospital?'

"My father is Blair Li, and I work in the beauty plastic hospital." Vicky introduced herself.

This time, Wendy understood.

"Oh..." She raised her voice and turned to Henry, "Nice to meet you, Dr. Li."

She held Vicky's hand and tried to be as generous as possible.

But she was a little confused.

She was his blind date. Didn't he make it clear?

When did they become friends?

She didn't understand young people nowadays.

"Mom, I'm full. You go to wash the dishes first. I'm talking to Dr. Li." Henry said calmly, "Dr. Li came here last time. You are not here. It's Nancy who is here."

Vicky put the flowers on the table.

Wendy nodded and went out.

She didn't go far, so she stood at the door and listened for a while.

"Henry, are you feeling better? You look more energetic than last time."

"Much better. Thank you for coming to see me."

Such a conversation seemed to be ordinary.

Wendy sighed and walked away.

Vicky sat down by the bedside and looked at Henry with a smile.

"Why do you pretend to lose your memory?" Vicky didn't intend to talk a lot, but looked straight into Henry's eyes.

"You know?" Henry said with a smile.

"You are a very careful person. When we first met, you ate sashimi and the mustard was too spicy. I'm shy and pretend nothing. But you didn't show it. You asked the waiter to bring me ice water and specially told me to have one more straw. You even knew that it was inconvenient for me to drink water with lipstick. How could you be so careless and expose yourself? You even forget your girlfriend, but only remember me? I'm not that special. Henry, you brought me here on purpose. Do you need my help?"

Henry just smiled at her.

"I didn't mean to test you." Vicky said, "I'm glad that you treat me like this. It proves that you treat me as your friend and trust me."

Henry was about to say something when his phone rang.

"Dr. Li, can you bring me my phone?" He said.

Vicky was a little annoyed and was interrupted.

This call came just in time.

She didn't know how Henry reacted.

She took the phone and found it was a strange number, and the home address was shown in the distant Tibetan areas.

"Answer it?" She raised the phone in front of Henry.

It happened to be where Nancy was.

Henry was a little nervous and nodded seriously.

lied to you, I would be a puppy."

Tears welled up in Nancy's eyes, and she couldn't say a complete sentence.

Henry asked anxiously, "Where are you? Tell me the address."

Seeing Nancy was like that, Simon had to pick up his phone and said, "Dr. Yang, I'm Simon. Are you sure you can come over? If you can't, you can coach the doctors here remotely. I'm in charge of providing technical support. In fact, it's the same."

"I can go." Henry was calm and determined.

How could he rest assured if he didn't see it in person? He wanted to be there.

Nancy was not only his perfect work, but also his most important person.

How could he rest assured to let others do the surgery?

"Well, you can arrive at the top of the hospital in 40 minutes. The Mu family will send a plane to pick you up." Said Simon.

"The Mu family?" Henry frowned.

He signaled Vicky to hang up the phone and said seriously, "Dr. Li, can you call my mother back? I'm sorry today. Let's talk next time."

"I'll go with you." Vicky said, "When I was in college, I majored in the neurosurgery department. When I was abroad, I had been the surgeon for three years. Since you can't hold the knife, I'll hold it for you."

Henry nodded.

Sitting in a wheelchair and waiting for the helicopter on the rooftop of the hospital, he remembered Simon's words.

"Just now, Nancy was just crying and didn't make it clear. There was congestion in Stefan's brain and he needed to have craniotomy right away. The surgery was too difficult and needed authority in this respect. So..."

'That's why you called me?'

The air of the helicopter blew his hair into a mess. He narrowed his eyes with sharp light.

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