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   Chapter 280 It's Too Dark Here

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'Are you kidding me?'

Nancy said with a relaxed expression.

It was already a blessing in misfortune that she was still alive.

This could be considered a survivor of a disaster.

Although it was a little dark.

She hadn't heard Stefan's voice for a long time.

Nancy recalled the question he asked just now, 'Did she see the fire?'

His voice was so restless and trembling.

He had always been full of confidence, extremely confident, and had never spoken in this way before.

"Is There A fire ?" Nancy asked coldly.

Stefan said, "Can you hear my voice clearly?"

"Of course." Said Nancy.

"Then follow my voice and come here." Stefan bit his lower lip in despair.

Nancy couldn't see his expression.

All she could see was darkness.

"So you lied to me just now that you said there was fire, didn't you?" Nancy asked.

She felt uneasy.

No matter how dark the environment was, people could adapt to it and always see some shadows.

Why couldn't she see anything?

She touched Stefan's leg and slowly crawled to him.

"What's wrong with you?" She asked, "Are you okay?"

"Who am I? How could I be in danger?" Stefan grabbed her hand and held her tightly.

He tried to shake his hand in front of Nancy.

Seeing her numb eyes, he suddenly felt a lump in his throat and eyes.

Sadness was like a virus that could infect people.

Nancy listened to his uneven breathing quietly.

Although she couldn't see him biting his fist and holding back his tears, she knew what had happened.

She sat up and touched Stefan's face.

"I heard the sound of the lighter just now. You did light it. You reached out and grabbed me first, indicating that you can see me."

Nancy lowered her head.

"Am I blind?" She said.

She said it so casually as if she was talking about something else.

The old man next door became blind by accident.

Such a tone.

Stefan hugged her tightly, rubbed her head and said, "Don't talk nonsense. I tell you. It's too dark here. Just go out."

Lying in his arms, Nancy listened to his heartbeat.

She couldn't see his tearful eyes, nor could she see his fist behind his back, nor could she know that he couldn't move at the moment.

"Maybe I haven't slept enough. You just bothered me, and I felt so cold and tired. I will be fine after a sleep." She said.

If she didn't sleep enough, her eyesight would get worse.

Nancy comforted herself.

In an extremely cold environment, they snuggled up together, trembling with cold.

They gritted their teeth.

Even the sound of fric

so consumes energy. My hands are so cold that I can't feel them..."

She said, with her teeth clenched.

All of a sudden, Stefan unzipped his clothes and put her hand into his body.

Nancy was so scared that she wanted to withdraw her hand.

She knew that her hands were as cold as ice. When she fought with Terry just now, she took off her gloves and had already been frozen unconscious.

She didn't even dare to put her hand in her body. If she did so, she might jump up because of the cold.

"Don't move. Just stay here." Stefan put Nancy's hand on his skin and took a deep breath. Frowning, he gritted his teeth and said, "You said your hand was cold and you didn't want to talk. Now you can talk!"

"I have nothing to say to you..." Nancy's voice softened.

"Do you have anything to say to Henry?" Stefan asked, "What did you say when you were with him?"

"It's none of your business." Nancy said

"I saw the prayer flags you hung for him." Stefan whispered, "I envy him."

'I am jealous.

I envy you for praying for him from the bottom of your heart.'

It took him a lot of courage to say these three words.

In Stefan's opinion, this was the most embarrassing sentence in his life.

These three words were not real. Nancy felt that she had misheard and her heart was scratched.

He was jealous of Henry's prayer flags, so he tortured her to hang them for him.

"Stefan, you are so childish..." Nancy murmured.

After that, she couldn't hear clearly what Stefan said.

She was tired this time. She lost too much blood, and her body temperature dropped quickly. She couldn't cheer up.

They couldn't live together, but they would rather die together. What a tragedy!

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